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Children cover them. Meaning of dream and numbers.

The meaning of the dream children cover them. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

fix children 85
Meaning of the dream: benefit safe

adopt children 9
Description: good luck

the children crying 55
Interpretation of the dream: impending problems

children maimed 42
Translation: rewarding profession

children are able 34
Dream description: serene horizon

insult children 2
Meaning: ephemeral relationships

segregate children 60
Translation of the dream: gossip and slander

Children religious 37
Interpretation: inner balance

screaming children 8
Sense of the dream: exciting news

Children who eat 65
What does it mean: waiting impatiently

write to the children 73
Meaning of the dream: pulse control

neglecting the children 38
Description: misunderstandings and resentments

children in foster care 63
Interpretation of the dream: period of high stress

Children in context 65
Translation: eased the concerns and will return more serene

children who study 47
Dream description: crime

pacify the children 5
Meaning: decisions well directed

reassure children 14
Translation of the dream: good friendships

children that embraces you 76
Interpretation: poor health of the child who will be born

abandoned by children 2
Sense of the dream: unexpected losses

remarry children 39
What does it mean: missed opportunity

see children falling 7
Meaning of the dream: funeral

beat children 7
Description: hidden scams

refuse children 25
Interpretation of the dream: nervous instability

happy children 38
Translation: bond passenger

load of children 6
Dream description: loss to the game

quiet children 49
Meaning: excellent chance

bless children 60
Translation of the dream: valid aid

complaining of the children 12
Interpretation: riches that will be provided by a relative of yours

marry off children 31
Sense of the dream: triumph over enemies

poor children 35
What does it mean: profound disappointment

drive the children 61
Meaning of the dream: serious misunderstandings

children chat with them 1
Description: prejudice

love the children 90
Interpretation of the dream: trust in relatives

appease children 18
Translation: resolution of a question still pending

leave of children 78
Dream description: rupture of relations

pampered children 87
Meaning: you think you can get more economic revenue

plenty of children 44
Translation of the dream: minor glitches

entrusting children 17
Interpretation: hassles and worries

raising children 3
Sense of the dream: Confident business

vaccinate children 37
What does it mean: social advancement

blame the children 8
Meaning of the dream: difficulty annoying

Children smash 46
Description: developed domain of s

sustain the children 62
Interpretation of the dream: social prestige

hassling children 56
Translation: you will find many obstacles in your resolutions

travel by children 36
Dream description: restless intelligence

disinherit children 61
Meaning: agitation and extravagance

reward children 72
Translation of the dream: excellent intelligence

laughter of children 74
Interpretation: comforting news

condescend to children 60
Sense of the dream: you many pangs of conscience

dissatisfy children 81
What does it mean: happiness contrasted

control children 40
Meaning of the dream: sadness

protect children 88
Description: dispute resolved

food to children 23
Interpretation of the dream: interests thwarted