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Bruise care. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream bruise care. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

livid bruise 45
Meaning of the dream: unfounded jealousy

get a bruise 40
Description: enmities of women

bruise on the body 68
Interpretation of the dream: serious problems

bruise from collision 74
Translation: tribulations aroused envy by a deadly hatred

bruise 33
Dream description: enmities of women

care 16
Meaning: fortune and good luck

bruise from falling 65
Translation of the dream: you re too reckless

appropriate care 57
Interpretation: upward mobility

dressing with care 88
Sense of the dream: help to be given

contusion in the leg 18
What does it mean: bad purchases

bruise to pinch 86
Meaning of the dream: delight

handled with care 18
Description: childhood

readiness care 38
Interpretation of the dream: your embarrassments will not succeed

care for the elderly 78
Translation: emotion and passion

dangerous contusion 34
Dream description: deep crisis

palliative care 13
Meaning: need help

livid cold 86
Translation of the dream: emotionally vulnerable

livid disease 72
Interpretation: care

contusion in the arm 80
Sense of the dream: timid character

ashenfaced 45
What does it mean: lasting ties

care in hospitals 60
Meaning of the dream: unfair competition

children in foster care 63
Description: period of high stress

contusion behind 21
Interpretation of the dream: relations moved

contusion to the head 69
Translation: wrath

bruises on the legs 80
Dream description: disputes and ruptures

refresh window 77
Meaning: contrasts to overcome

health care bill 21
Translation of the dream: moments of despair

cool ground 85
Interpretation: personal projects feasible

caring for his father 11
Sense of the dream: diligence in work

health care reform 25
What does it mean: Failure of a deal

refresh balcony 17
Meaning of the dream: you need to be free

loving heart 55
Description: projects contrasted

heart 45
Interpretation of the dream: Protection valid and safe

stab in the heart 65
Translation: concerns

use caution 33
Dream description: unscrupulous actions

beware of thieves 60
Meaning: clashes of views

beware of enemies 40
Translation of the dream: intense friendships

livid with rage 67
Interpretation: dangers

beware of dangers 61
Sense of the dream: changing opinions

good heart 35
What does it mean: high aspirations

livid with jealousy 72
Meaning of the dream: competition and disloyalty

nursing father 45
Description: consolation

heart of gold 64
Interpretation of the dream: objective judgment

intensive care 4
Translation: not good news

silver heart 11
Dream description: dangerous risks

godmother who care 66
Meaning: at this time we are missing the leadership

a shoulder contusion 63
Translation of the dream: rebellious

human heart 71
Interpretation: monotonous work

heart animal 28
Sense of the dream: to curb impulsiveness

refresh road 69
What does it mean: solving business

cool courtyard 16
Meaning of the dream: you feel limited

having heartache 16
Description: heartbreak

heart operation 34
Interpretation of the dream: success of intent

bruised leg 18
Translation: inner dissatisfaction