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Boys in cave. Meaning of dream and numbers.

The meaning of the dream boys in cave. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

boys who cry 3
Meaning of the dream: shock and disappointment

interned in cave 7
Description: adventures

boys who study 2
Interpretation of the dream: important assignments

live in a cave 40
Translation: changes in circumstances

whipping boys 71
Dream description: uncontrolled passion

entering a cave 68
Meaning: useful and necessary clarifications

correct boys 12
Translation of the dream: diligent collaboration

dancing boys 88
Interpretation: serious concerns

see an animal in the cave 44
Sense of the dream: everything will be for the better

enter the cave 15
What does it mean: fake friends

boys running 22
Meaning of the dream: rather exaggerated alarmism

drain boys 74
Description: disturbance and anguish

boys playing 21
Interpretation of the dream: positive affective balance

natural cave 25
Translation: change of position

artificial cave 28
Dream description: rivalry in love

exit the cave 45
Meaning: Overcoming penis

Boys Eating 67
Translation of the dream: magnanimous feelings

boys quarreling 17
Interpretation: lack of relationships

boys jump 70
Sense of the dream: Recessed

gathering of boys 88
What does it mean: trust purchased

Arrival boys 12
Meaning of the dream: happy surprise

ride boys 57
Description: loss of protection

boys in church 60
Interpretation of the dream: generous impulses

incite boys 57
Translation: Good news

see someone in a cave 77
Dream description: desired freedom and tranquility

cave with beasts 18
Meaning: insecurity

cave in the mountains 29
Translation of the dream: attractive new commitments

cave with hermit 24
Interpretation: serenity and tranquility of spirit

water cave 14
Sense of the dream: inner insecurity

Brigade boys 7
What does it mean: superficiality of relatives

Humid Cave 27
Meaning of the dream: concerns for a child

boys play 55
Description: resolution of a doubt

meeting boys 52
Interpretation of the dream: discovery of a secret

being in a cave 24
Translation: dangerous quarrels with elderly

ringworm boys 19
Dream description: healthcare

interrogate boys 2
Meaning: instability of relationships

brawl boys 35
Translation of the dream: overcome misunderstandings

cave pantry 58
Interpretation: good relationships with women

gloves for boys 6
Sense of the dream: unexpected proposals

74 - Smorfia classic: cave 74

being in a grotto 57
Meaning of the dream: good earnings

Dance only boys 13
Description: prosperity

dispute among boys 70
Interpretation of the dream: recovery of energy

group of boys 22
Translation: lack of relationships

cavern or cave 5
Dream description: disappointment for treason

conversation between boys 69
Meaning: Small problems seem past

underground cavern 49
Translation of the dream: Fortunately variable

choir boys 2
Interpretation: good news

college boys 22
Sense of the dream: humiliation

cavern of the Sibyl 33
What does it mean: requited love

Conservatory for boys 60
Meaning of the dream: suffering from injustice

children sleeping 14
Description: satisfactions

guys who scream 32
Interpretation of the dream: intolerance and nervousness

kids at school 23
Translation: minded