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Boulder cardboard. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream boulder cardboard. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

calender cardboard 32
Meaning of the dream: dangerous friendships

corrugated cardboard 55
Description: deception

black cardboard 88
Interpretation of the dream: death of an animal to which you are fond

cardboard frame 3
Translation: initiatives sentimental

cardboard roll 8
Dream description: victory over an enemy

old cardboard 87
Meaning: aid of an elderly

cardboard 28
Translation of the dream: good friends

boulder to be crushed 72
Interpretation: you are threatened and you can not control your enemies

cardboard cutouts 80
Sense of the dream: dissatisfaction and pride

cardboard folder 31
What does it mean: adaptation to the environment

cardboard cover 70
Meaning of the dream: urgent problem to be solved

lift a boulder 42
Description: you want to show your strength with unnecessary testing

roll a boulder 38
Interpretation of the dream: use your potentials so dangerous

carton box 50
Translation: reckless speculation

board boxes 83
Dream description: loss for those who dream, profit for the person in the dream

plasterboard work 70
Meaning: need to be alone

pierce a rock 2
Translation of the dream: inner rebellion

see a rock 44
Interpretation: distortion of the truth

crushed stone 83
Sense of the dream: quality yet to be expressed

rock in the sea 34
What does it mean: inner satisfaction

bumping into a rock 82
Meaning of the dream: difficult days

climb on a rock 16
Description: careful with money

fall from a rock 43
Interpretation of the dream: loss of a friend

build on a rock 17
Translation: vivid imagination

cardstock 8
Dream description: next the way out of a deadlock

rock 1
Meaning: Fortunately passing

dynamometer 51
Translation of the dream: moments of agitation

rock the boat 52
Interpretation: luck changing

stone 52
Sense of the dream: strength and unit

granite rock 81
What does it mean: to overcome grievances

climb up a rock 31
Meaning of the dream: wishes that come true

paper knife 44
Description: You try to astonish anyone

oyster on the rock 3
Interpretation of the dream: jealousy and threads

rock above the water 75
Translation: Councils concerned

snowman cartoon 80
Dream description: scenes of jealousy

come down from a rock 29
Meaning: Company uncertain

cardsharper 59
Translation of the dream: restlessness

throw confetti 43
Interpretation: fanaticism momentary

pumice stone 11
Sense of the dream: family relations thesis

fine paper 62
What does it mean: attention to car crashes

ancient stone 4
Meaning of the dream: generosity poorly rewarded

playing cards 71
Description: trouble and contrasts

paper curl 26
Interpretation of the dream: error in judgment

Stone carver 15
Translation: sadness

precious stone 58
Dream description: concern for a family

stone hell 31
Meaning: good omen

paper clips 45
Translation of the dream: improve relationships with people

stone fire 3
Interpretation: decisive meeting

sepulchral stone 26
Sense of the dream: honors and awards

molar stone 5
What does it mean: joy and pleasure

Paper garland 40
Meaning of the dream: sudden illness