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Blind laughing. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream blind laughing. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

old laughing 77
Meaning of the dream: happiness and longevity

lover laughing 9
Description: dangerous indiscretions

ancestor laughing 28
Interpretation of the dream: new ideas to improve

baby laughing 14
Translation: meandering thoughts

laughing mouth 2
Dream description: clumsy actions

Cardinal laughing 3
Meaning: ambition fulfilled

contrada laughing 90
Translation of the dream: confidentiality

devil laughing 35
Interpretation: persecution of enemies

He died laughing 31
Sense of the dream: Pulse unreasonable

crazy laughing 78
What does it mean: projects to be postponed

laughing for joy 81
Meaning of the dream: delicate situation to be resolved

Abbess laughing 82

angel laughing 24

beautiful laughing 25

laughing stock 80

woman laughing 42

blind 40
Translation of the dream: foresight in business and in life, auspicious

going blind 16
Interpretation: rivalries and enmities

embrace a blind 54
Sense of the dream: disillusion

blind beggar 21
What does it mean: fake friends

blind person 20
Meaning of the dream: mourning relatives

blind birds 12
Description: unwelcome news

blind animals 74
Interpretation of the dream: extra gain

dog for the blind 42
Translation: vivacity of spirit

blind war 64
Dream description: referrals of decisions

accompanied blind 31
Meaning: steadfastness of purpose

blind dog 8
Translation of the dream: interesting news

blind playing 17
Interpretation: new relationships

blind falling 16
Sense of the dream: danger of leakage

pretending to be blind 41
What does it mean: opposition in family

blind eyes 31
Meaning of the dream: insincerity harmful

blind father 24
Description: disillusionment of love

poor blind 52
Interpretation of the dream: errors impatience

taunt blind 9
Translation: illusions of love

lower the blind 82
Dream description: enterprise that fails

blind obedience 61
Meaning: feelings to be overcome

blind man 13
Translation of the dream: inner restlessness

mock a blind 9

Blind dancing 77

blind dead 70

pity from blind 14

blind Franciscan 71

mock a blind man 9
Interpretation of the dream: tries to be more realistic

the man born blind 50
Translation: heavy duty

cartridge case from blind 8

blind man begging 49

blind man with a stick 65

blind man with the dog 30

fall in love with the blind 68

blind man sings 34

blind man's buff 75

blind man who asks for alms 43
Description: need for caution

blind man's buff players 88

squabbling about women 74
Translation: good news

blinded by passion 18
Dream description: changes of opinion

mind blinded 40
Meaning: longevity

blinding himself 55
Translation of the dream: unjustified fears

wrangle with siblings 60
Interpretation: confidence in young people

gambling house 11
Sense of the dream: infidelity of friends or partners

keep a gambling den 10
What does it mean: unnecessary quarrels

attend the gambling den 25
Meaning of the dream: evil inclination

squabbling children 14
Description: avoid dangerous situations

grumbling with children 20
Interpretation of the dream: trust in others

close the blinds 43
Translation: non-resistance

tooth trembling 14
Dream description: uncertain situation

blindness 23
Meaning: illness and misfortune

attend gambling dens 1
Translation of the dream: weakness of character

stumbling in the street 27
Interpretation: decisions to postpone

stumbling on the stairs 62
Sense of the dream: unmet expectations

arguing with siblings 60
What does it mean: danger of some accident

gambling with the enemy 22
Meaning of the dream: six ahead of him advantage over you

trembling hands 18
Description: selfish concerns

stumbling block 10
Interpretation of the dream: things in your life that you have to overcome

be blindside from something 17
Translation: you rid of your troubles

open the blinds 4
Dream description: I like making new friends and getting to know different people