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Black snake on the ceiling. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream black snake on the ceiling. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

ceiling 85
Meaning of the dream: limits in terms of mental or spiritual

moldy ceiling 38
Description: dangerous illusions

whitewash the ceiling 2
Interpretation of the dream: dangerous game

broom ceiling 51
Translation: Dangerous Liaisons

white ceiling 12
Dream description: love affairs

colored ceiling 3
Meaning: great ideas

ceiling paintings 35
Translation of the dream: peace in the family


ceiling with stucco 48
Interpretation: business trip

coffered ceiling 70
Sense of the dream: regrettable errors of judgment

ceiling cracks 68
What does it mean: Alternatively criticism

Ceiling collapses 23
Meaning of the dream: financial difficulties

paint a ceiling 37
Description: mishap boring

spider on the ceiling 36

gecko on the ceiling 39
Translation: protection of their family

ceiling price on bread 35

ceiling price on meat 14

snake 84
Translation of the dream: enemies and ingratitude

see the snake 40
Interpretation: unrequited love

see snake 25
Sense of the dream: strong emotions

seeing him snake 24
What does it mean: contrasts in love

approach a snake 66
Meaning of the dream: fulfillment in love

kill the snake 55
Description: passion paid

snake boa 15
Interpretation of the dream: recognized expertise

approached by a snake 66
Translation: Fortunately for all activities

snake tail 3
Dream description: waste of money

of snake bite 70
Meaning: jealousy violent


scales of a snake 26
Translation of the dream: agreements to be screened

snake more heads 15
Interpretation: danger of seduction

big snake 44
Sense of the dream: deceptions hidden

snake small 86
What does it mean: restlessness

coiled snake 42
Meaning of the dream: ingratitude of a trusted person

snake whistling 40
Description: pride and ambition

snake bites 76
Interpretation of the dream: willingness stubborn

snake Room 59
Translation: great nervous tension

snake in the bed 77
Dream description: exuberance and impulsiveness

trample snake 17
Meaning: friendships insecure

being bitten by snake 80
Translation of the dream: gossip and slander

kill snake 62
Interpretation: victory over enemies

crawl a snake 26
Sense of the dream: infidelity

a poisonous snake 80
What does it mean: numerous obstacles

bring down a snake 45

snake that attacks 10

whistle snake 54

snake tongue 88

eva with snake 19

find snake in the bed 70
Meaning: a broken love

anaconda (water snake) 77
Translation of the dream: temptations

basilisk snake fabulous 34
Interpretation: various injuries

hydro (water snake) 7
Sense of the dream: ingratitude, next seduction

black dress 73
What does it mean: sorrows

black berries 45
Meaning of the dream: health disorders

black beard 14
Description: drop heavy responsibility

black ox 74
Interpretation of the dream: malice of neighbors

ox black 54
Translation: dislikes

black sideburns 81
Dream description: six bully

black stocking 9
Meaning: bad speculations

black Dog 13
Translation of the dream: betrayal of friends

black goat 22
Interpretation: ties in danger

black horse 18
Sense of the dream: risky business

black cabbage 21
What does it mean: to clarify misunderstandings

black wax 10
Meaning of the dream: sense of duty

black lashes 27
Description: risky business

black Swan 35
Interpretation of the dream: burdensome responsibility

black colour 62
Translation: illness in the family

black rabbit 45
Dream description: disagreement with a friend

Black cotton 10
Meaning: hidden enemies

black tie 50
Translation of the dream: waivers necessary

black bonnet 63
Interpretation: bad reputation

black goats 27
Sense of the dream: brief illness or minor success

black cardboard 88
What does it mean: death of an animal to which you are fond

black ghost 15
Meaning of the dream: economic hardship

black wire 55
Description: aggressive intentions

black cat 81
Interpretation of the dream: sad omen

black apron 20
Translation: deceptions hidden