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Bitter circumstance. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream bitter circumstance. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

bitter circumstance 76
Meaning of the dream: need for caution

curious circumstance 8
Description: delay in its affairs

sad circumstance 34
Interpretation of the dream: many enemies, because of your pride

bitter potion 18
Translation: brilliant statement

bitter drink 7
Dream description: business trip

bitter water 81
Meaning: disturbing thoughts

unforeseen circumstance 82
Translation of the dream: pride and pride

barley bitter 87
Interpretation: better future

chew bitter 4
Sense of the dream: concerns

bitter jujube 17
What does it mean: imprudence with consequences

bitter decoction 18
Meaning of the dream: personal achievements

bitter artichoke 23
Description: great activities

brandy bitter 41
Interpretation of the dream: inconstancy

essence of bitter 75
Translation: events pleased

bitter honey 21
Dream description: moodiness passenger

bitter 81
Meaning: Critical friends

Bitter liqueur 53
Translation of the dream: hidden enemies

bitters 26
Interpretation: auspicious, increase revenue cash

bitter almonds 79
Sense of the dream: heavy constraints

bitter taste 40
What does it mean: unwillingness

bitter melon 61
Meaning of the dream: good prospects

bitter coffe 40
Description: next cheerfulness

situation 1
Interpretation of the dream: harbinger of doom

embittered 12
Translation: fall of a house

acclaim 21
Dream description: adulation with sad consequences, subtleties

acclaim the Pope 5
Meaning: good news

acclaim personality policies 21
Translation of the dream: unfortunate encounter

South American 85
Interpretation: you have to create you your space

sour response 4
Sense of the dream: intricate situation

adapt to a situation 66
What does it mean: protection from family

fix a situation 11
Meaning of the dream: punishment inflicted

aggravation of situation 19
Description: dishonor

lacing 30
Interpretation of the dream: opposition to a deal

gold lacing 13
Translation: opposition to a deal

lacing silver 25
Dream description: illness of a relative

lacing silk 49
Meaning: false oaths

lacing of the robe 51
Translation of the dream: excessive impressionability

lacing of Tamer 64
Interpretation: hopes

lacing of the general 77
Sense of the dream: rivalry

lacing of diplomat 5
What does it mean: intrigue hidden

amalgamate 18
Meaning of the dream: being unstable

mix colors 40
Description: being unstable

mix substances 81
Interpretation of the dream: ingenuity punished

mix mercury with metals 6
Translation: Late repentance

mix a project 73
Dream description: imprudence dangerous

to love 8
Meaning: next disappointment

love god 84
Translation of the dream: great moral energy

Loving Parents 52
Interpretation: understanding in the working environment

love the children 90
Sense of the dream: trust in relatives

love the brothers 3
What does it mean: prudence with employees

loving friend 15
Meaning of the dream: benefits from people close

love your spouse 12
Description: magnetism

love a prostitute 4
Interpretation of the dream: lust for life

love lover 31
Translation: lack of optimism

love illicitly 84
Dream description: new openings in business

honestly love 38
Meaning: gratitude unjustified

love life 67
Translation of the dream: fighting spirit

love your neighbor 66
Interpretation: prudence with correspondence

love passionately 82
Sense of the dream: responsibilities rejected

love money 83
What does it mean: prudence with superiors

ambulance with a patient 16
Meaning of the dream: support from children