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Bank pirates. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream bank pirates. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

band of pirates 73
Meaning of the dream: happy ending in a risky project

use bank 75

bank branch 86
Interpretation of the dream: triumph over difficulties

bank pledge 46
Translation: disillusions

bank ticket 90
Dream description: imagination unreal

bank teller 76
Meaning: change of program

bank communication 16
Translation of the dream: new interests

deposit in the bank 69
Interpretation: negotiating favorable

bellhop bank 51
Sense of the dream: original initiatives

River bank 81
What does it mean: ambitions ambitious

bank full 34
Meaning of the dream: problems from a letter

own a piggy bank 20
Description: Gain conquered

rob a bank 3
Interpretation of the dream: misplaced trust

bank bill 14
Translation: practicality and common sense

financial bank 79
Dream description: important for you to accumulate money

sinking bank 17

bank administration 48

bank action 25

shareholder of the bank 47

commercial bank 46


Bank of Italy 88

Bank of the people 40

discount bank 61

bank Neapolitan 87

national bank 53

Roman bank 54

Tuscan bank 81

bank of commerce 4

bank of snow 2

cash bank 58

savings Bank 63

bank catalog 45

bank coupon 7

bank manager 46

line at the bank 53

check bank 57

Bank account 2

financier bank 44

bank fund 52

empty piggy bank 17
What does it mean: work activities

break a piggy bank 65
Meaning of the dream: affirmation hampered

buy a piggy bank 54
Description: overcome difficulties

giving a piggy bank 71
Interpretation of the dream: Good news coming

clay piggy bank 78

broken piggy bank 10

crumple banknotes 25
Meaning: lies

meeting or gathering of conspirators 51
Translation of the dream: crying

alliance of conspirators 1
Interpretation: happiness at home

height of an embankment 13
Sense of the dream: businesses difficult

announcement of bankruptcy 23
What does it mean: Well-meaning friends

banker 9
Meaning of the dream: financial difficulties, too proud to ask for help

banker who collects 36
Description: lack of generosity

banker pay 18
Interpretation of the dream: change of situation

banker who steals 31
Translation: momentary loss

banker who fails 55
Dream description: unjust humiliation

banker who escapes 5
Meaning: alarming news

embankment of a river 49
Translation of the dream: benevolence and aid

lose banknote 18
Interpretation: It will hurt business

find the banknote 6
Sense of the dream: fortune

National banknote 38
What does it mean: six traditionalist

agreed bankruptcy 11
Meaning of the dream: timidity and indecision