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Movie date. Meaning of dream and numbers.

The meaning of the dream movie date. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

date to remember 90
Meaning of the dream: new force

fatal date 15
Description: good omen

date 11
Interpretation of the dream: near great time

mortgage date 6
Translation: mutability of purpose

working in film 54
Dream description: you will find many obstacles in your resolutions

record a date 6
Meaning: shots of anger

movie or pellicle 48
Translation of the dream: joy

forget a date 89
Interpretation: love and well-being

clock with date 49
Sense of the dream: pessimism and mistrust

dub a movie 36
What does it mean: discovery of trickery

see a movie 40
Meaning of the dream: quarrels

death date 22
Description: loss of a loved one

celebrity movie 10
Interpretation of the dream: treason in love

Love movie 17
Translation: small malaise

debut in film 78
Dream description: enthusiasm for new ideas

attend film 77
Meaning: rain situation

write down a date 60
Translation of the dream: fighting spirit

adventure movie 90
Interpretation: fate alternates

go to the cinema 8
Sense of the dream: vivacity of ideas

hollywood movie 47
What does it mean: negative attitudes

People at the cinema 60
Meaning of the dream: physical weakness

box office film 79
Description: poverty and sadness

Closing film 87
Interpretation of the dream: wealth, fortune

tragic film 53
Translation: momentary troubles

film broken 70
Dream description: solid position

Man at the cinema 19
Meaning: exaggerated pride

character in film 44
Translation of the dream: lack of generosity

movie poster 78
Interpretation: good chance lost

date stamp 6
Sense of the dream: thoughts and problems

photographic film 17
What does it mean: bad intentions

sit at the movies 51
Meaning of the dream: obstinacy dangerous

see home movie 40
Description: small misunderstandings

bioscope film 58
Interpretation of the dream: intrigue

whistling at the movies 76
Translation: difficulties surmounted

describe a film 81
Dream description: betrayal by a friend

row at the movies 88
Meaning: secrets, to keep

entrance to the cinema 64
Translation of the dream: you ll face a difficult situation

war film 54
Interpretation: will you do with the peace partners

Talk to the movies 90
Sense of the dream: unforeseen obstacles

falling asleep at the movies 48
What does it mean: infirmity

approach to the cinema 10
Meaning of the dream: businesses safe

science fiction film 18
Description: unexpected good news

indicate the cinema 68
Interpretation of the dream: solid friendships

artist film 88
Translation: deception as to suffer

exit the cinema 4
Dream description: disappointments in love

talkie 90
Meaning: you want a different life

movie set 42
Translation of the dream: unfounded jealousy

movie director 80
Interpretation: lucky in love

film machine 54
Sense of the dream: critically

invite to the movies 78
What does it mean: successful efforts

Cinema illuminated 27
Meaning of the dream: deceptions secrets

film review 41
Description: situation to be clarified immediately

cinematographic film 3
Interpretation of the dream: commitments to be taken

recruit cinema 6
Translation: unnecessary waiting