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Ask for towels. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream ask for towels. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

ask for help 8
Meaning of the dream: good intentions

ask for a cigarette 65
Description: timid character

ask for an interview 15
Interpretation of the dream: advantages to the detriment of other

ask for advice 47
Translation: you can not decide

ask for rescue 48
Dream description: indifference towards others

ask for a ransom 30
Meaning: waste of money

ask to drink 35
Translation of the dream: extravagant acts

ask for love 35
Interpretation: fears baseless

ask hospitality 11
Sense of the dream: organizational capacity

ask oxygen 15
What does it mean: You receive major aid

ask for a subsidy 42
Meaning of the dream: new sympathies

ask to eat 53
Description: suspicions unjust

ask complicity 88
Interpretation of the dream: you spied

ask honors 90
Translation: patiently waiting

ask the hearing 29
Dream description: uncertain situation

ask for references 45
Meaning: egocentrism exaggerated

ask the board 11
Translation of the dream: new sympathy

ask the hour 30
Interpretation: emotional complications

ask 72
Sense of the dream: seek help

ask to smoke 56
What does it mean: heartbreak

ask to sleep 76
Meaning of the dream: fortitude

ask the residence 24
Description: Reports uncertain

ask increase 82
Interpretation of the dream: would you be more considered

ask the account 2
Translation: unpleasant encounter

kitchen towels 12
Dream description: ailments passengers

ask for a quote 56
Meaning: concern over a letter

ask ration 77
Translation of the dream: extra earnings

ask an details 20
Interpretation: novelty important

ask the mother 80
Sense of the dream: lasting achievements

ask for news 35
What does it mean: earnings

ask for directions 45
Meaning of the dream: you're looking for tips to solve certain situations

ask the oracle 51
Description: confused

grace ask 65
Interpretation of the dream: loss

ask forgiveness 44
Translation: conformism exaggerated

Ask a favor 36
Dream description: heartbreak

ask to speak 19
Meaning: soon you will get the answer to a question that arose from time

to ask for a job 70
Translation of the dream: ability of judgment

electric towel 40
Interpretation: opposition in family

ask for permission 11
Sense of the dream: loss of property

please ask 64
What does it mean: good health

order a punishment 34
Meaning of the dream: sentimental defeat

order a coffee 23
Description: excessive enthusiasm

order a dish 78
Interpretation of the dream: obstacles removed

order a meeting 69
Translation: solution to solicit

write or ask a dedication 54
Dream description: the generosity of a friend has won

to beg 78
Meaning: mental laziness

ask for money 71
Translation of the dream: tries to make a change to your life

dense ask 11
Interpretation: prudence with neighbors

request information 15
Sense of the dream: clarifications

beg the Master 82
What does it mean: bad assets acquired

ask the reason 81
Meaning of the dream: susceptibility exaggerated

beg for justice 45
Description: satisfaction and recognition

apply for an extension 52
Interpretation of the dream: emotionality from curb

citizenship ask 47
Translation: useful friendships

beg for mercy 6
Dream description: interesting realization

order a shipment 65
Meaning: Protection and work

seeking advice 11
Translation of the dream: danger of leakage

claim damages 69
Interpretation: dangerous temptations