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Apply for a mortgage. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream apply for a mortgage. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

apply for a mortgage 82
Meaning of the dream: you will need a support

apply for a loan 25
Description: incoherence and lightness

apply for a passport 61
Interpretation of the dream: great fortune

apply for an extension 52
Translation: emotionality from curb

apply the leech 80
Dream description: treachery

apply handkerchief 19

apply ointment 11

get a mortgage 76
Interpretation: others trust you

mortgage 62

make a mortgage 53
What does it mean: You want to subject to it to the will of others

mortgage assets 17
Meaning of the dream: disadvantageous contracts

pay the mortgage 27
Description: you have confidence in your abilities

not pay the mortgage 8
Interpretation of the dream: you do not know to keep your commitments

grant a mortgage 15
Translation: comprehension

cancellation of mortgage 88

mortgage canceled 60

mortgage date 6

mortgage of objects 2

mortgage of land 43

Apple tree 20
What does it mean: cheerfulness

appliance 44
Meaning of the dream: extravagant attitudes

applaud 70
Description: condescension harmful

applaud a comedy 19
Interpretation of the dream: friendships safe

applaud a tragedy 81
Translation: improvement in business

applaud a drama 28
Dream description: respect and protection granted

applaud a song 63
Meaning: justified expectations

applaud work 9
Translation of the dream: prosperous business

applaud a speech 70
Interpretation: flatterers dangerous

applaud a personality 39
Sense of the dream: sudden wealth

stick with golden apple 42
What does it mean: ephemeral enthusiasm

pineapple 12
Meaning of the dream: fortune

eat pineapple 18
Description: good news

pineapple dented by stick shots 32
Interpretation of the dream: close loss, home business close to entangle or at least embarrassment of family coming by the groom or the bride on account of sex

have wounds pineapple 51
Translation: the great disasters in the family

pineapple bigger than usual 36
Dream description: joy and health, prosperity large

pineapple cut in half 21
Meaning: vain confidence in the groom or the bride

applause 54
Translation of the dream: interesting journey

singer applauded 71
Interpretation: extravagant spending

apples 2
Sense of the dream: hatred secret

unripe apples 85
What does it mean: important trip

ripe apples 87
Meaning of the dream: tenacity in work

red apples 69
Description: interesting novelty

baked apples 20
Interpretation of the dream: interview welcome

eating apples 51
Translation: need for a compromise

apple green 85
Dream description: important trip

ripe apple 87
Meaning: tenacity in work

apple red 69
Translation of the dream: interesting novelty

eating an apple 51
Interpretation: necessary compromise

seize an apple 7
Sense of the dream: little practical sense

apple umbrella 51
What does it mean: missed opportunity

submit an application 2
Meaning of the dream: temporary postponement of projects

Apple Orange (tree) 15
Description: innocence, famine

see and eat sweet apples 6
Interpretation of the dream: joy, pleasure, revelations, especially for the married woman and the spinsters

apples and unripe green 80
Translation: dispute, seduction

drink the juice of apples 36
Dream description: fatigue

apples quinces 64
Meaning: mourning

giving apples to other 28
Translation of the dream: great fortune

apples of gold 88
Interpretation: do not be dazzled by the splendor

rotten apples 42
Sense of the dream: danger

pick apples 36
What does it mean: you will be disturbed by someone

Cut and peel apples 35
Meaning of the dream: you will be haunted by a woman

apples from the tree stand out 41
Description: persecution

tree apples 39
Interpretation of the dream: good news, contentment