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Artist ill. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream artist ill. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

artist 30
Meaning of the dream: contentments joys family

embrace an artist 66
Description: successful business

artist film 88
Interpretation of the dream: deception as to suffer

dramatic artist 19
Translation: faithless friends

lyrical artist 36
Dream description: relatives insincere

comic artist 43
Meaning: damage

variety artist 6
Translation of the dream: reveries dangerous

artist sculptor 12
Interpretation: threatens nearby

artist musician 16
Sense of the dream: luck in business

artist of theater 19
What does it mean: love to be loved

coat artist 44
Meaning of the dream: great consolation

interview an artist 44
Description: friendly meetings

original artist 73
Interpretation of the dream: excessive demands

see artist work 18
Translation: nervous tension

praise an artist 34
Dream description: purchase of favors

by artist trucks 27
Meaning: good relationships with friends and family

engage an artist 1
Translation of the dream: you communicate good news to a friend who is waiting for you

tattoo artist 34
Interpretation: other people who do not accept some of your behaviors

baritone (hear that artist singing) 63
Sense of the dream: joy in family

theater artist of visual arts 78
What does it mean: you want to have the opportunity to express your imagination

be seriously ill 22
Meaning of the dream: acute powers of observation

being taken ill 4
Description: disease is not dangerous

ill will 2
Interpretation of the dream: tough win

ill abbot 74
Translation: Fortunately incoming

ill upset 35
Dream description: pleasant situations

harboring ill 33
Meaning: trouble from relatives

be slightly ill 31
Translation of the dream: killing unjustified

see intestine ill 54
Interpretation: weakness

Pope ill 48
Sense of the dream: moments of agitation

stepfather ill 44
What does it mean: head shots

fell ill 47
Meaning of the dream: disease

ill resigned 6
Description: happy realization

ill with brain 31
Interpretation of the dream: rising labor

ill with fever 37
Translation: mild moodiness

ill abbess 65
Dream description: material well-being

cot with ill 20
Meaning: family trouble

ill Cardinal 18
Translation of the dream: surprise economic

leg ill 8
Interpretation: suspicion and jealousy

gum ill 52
Sense of the dream: impulsive decisions

Jesuit ill 27
What does it mean: leadership ability

hunchback ill 28
Meaning of the dream: unnecessary anxiety

throat ill 69
Description: false hopes, adventurous projects will not give anything positive

much ill Sultan 67
Interpretation of the dream: insinuations do not collect

ill omen 40
Translation: state of fatigue

sedan with ill 1
Dream description: good mood

ill farmer 47
Meaning: unexpected obstacle

married with ill 11
Translation of the dream: malignancy on your account