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Lyrical artist. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream lyrical artist. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

lyrical artist 36
Meaning of the dream: relatives insincere

dramatic artist 19
Description: faithless friends

artist sculptor 12
Interpretation of the dream: threatens nearby

artist 30
Translation: contentments joys family

original artist 73
Dream description: excessive demands

artist film 88
Meaning: deception as to suffer

artist musician 16
Translation of the dream: luck in business

coat artist 44
Interpretation: great consolation

embrace an artist 66
Sense of the dream: successful business

artist of theater 19
What does it mean: love to be loved

engage an artist 1

by artist trucks 27
Description: good relationships with friends and family

variety artist 6
Interpretation of the dream: reveries dangerous

praise an artist 34

interview an artist 44
Dream description: friendly meetings

baritone (hear that artist singing) 63
Meaning: joy in family

see artist work 18
Translation of the dream: nervous tension

theater artist of visual arts 78
Interpretation: you want to have the opportunity to express your imagination

comic artist 43
Sense of the dream: damage

tattoo artist 34
What does it mean: other people who do not accept some of your behaviors

lyric poem 52

painter 71
Description: good health

painting teacher 52

fray artists 87

opera singer 8
Dream description: disputes and struggles

artistic circle 64

painter paper 27

painter who exhibits 54
Interpretation: contrariness

painter lectern 52

watercolor as a painter 3
What does it mean: need help from a family member

barnyard 4
Meaning of the dream: marriage, inheritance, profitable business

barnyard with livestock 3
Description: economic security

barnyard empty 30
Interpretation of the dream: infamy had undergone

formula feed 82
Translation: good resolutions

artistic ambition 32
Dream description: support received

cupboard with crockery 20
Meaning: illusions and disillusions

artificial arm 84
Translation of the dream: serious problems to be solved

artificer in wax figures 64
Interpretation: your diligence it will be profitable

artificial things 10
Sense of the dream: good news

artificial flowers 14
What does it mean: lie

craftsman 11
Meaning of the dream: your loved one very close

calligraphy 48
Description: false confidence

Artificial Camellia 60
Interpretation of the dream: temptations to win

artificial canal 31
Translation: difficulties to face

painter's easel 63
Dream description: good relations

Artificial hair 35
Meaning: hasty decisions

art connoisseur 69
Translation of the dream: maturity of spirit

backyard 19
Interpretation: hopes that come true

handmade pottery 20
Sense of the dream: suspicions justified

decant a work of art 41
What does it mean: momentary embarrassment

amateur painter 32
Meaning of the dream: insecurity

exercise an art 85
Description: presumption to overcome

industrial exhibition 18
Interpretation of the dream: good resolutions

artificial cave 28
Translation: rivalry in love

learn art 56
Dream description: hopes dashed

artificial light 54
Meaning: aggression harmful

see a house painter 7
Translation of the dream: happiness

be a house painter 7
Interpretation: novelty

industry 27
Sense of the dream: unfortunate embarrassment