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Artichoke with stem. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream artichoke with stem. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

wild artichoke 90
Meaning of the dream: you ve had some bad experiences

eat artichoke 75
Description: discord close

bitter artichoke 23
Interpretation of the dream: great activities

artichoke hair 46
Translation: hesitation and doubts

artichoke dried 38
Dream description: broken promises

artichoke flower 11
Meaning: momentary discouragement

artichoke stew 85
Translation of the dream: good health

tree tall stem 15
Interpretation: enthusiasm exaggerated

spiny artichokes 8
Sense of the dream: stability and progress

stem vinegar 77
What does it mean: good intentions

basket with artichokes 21
Meaning of the dream: professional prestige

artichokes 58
Description: potential creativity

stalk of curiosity 48
Interpretation of the dream: repressed passion

boiled artichokes 54
Translation: minor setbacks

fried artichokes 41
Dream description: restlessness and inconstancy

pickled artichokes 23
Meaning: mysterious encounters

buy artichokes 68
Translation of the dream: projects lenses

eat artichokes 80
Interpretation: demanding decisions

flour artichokes 77
Sense of the dream: ingratitude by a benefactor

artichokes in oil 36
What does it mean: new emotional ties

bunch of artichokes 51
Meaning of the dream: religious

field of artichokes 60
Description: patience with the young

artichokes in the pan 7
Interpretation of the dream: support and protection

forkful of artichokes 51
Translation: confidential

Artichokes on the plant 40
Dream description: impatience and irritability

hunt 89
Meaning: aid

wheat with Straight Shank 23
Translation of the dream: money or angling to profit

rod steel 47
Interpretation: fortitude

rod pendulum 74
Sense of the dream: good practical sense

silver rod 10
What does it mean: drastic solution

perch rod 22
Meaning of the dream: awaits a long process

bring a rod 48
Description: safety

rod of wood 40
Interpretation of the dream: gains and important friendships

dowsing rod 33
Translation: discovery of a lost object

Jerusalem artichokes 15
Dream description: excellent prospects

stem 79
Meaning: persecution of enemies

fisherman with rod 30
Translation of the dream: enthusiasm for a proposal

beatings with a rod 10
Interpretation: you will have troubles

whipped with a rod 86
Sense of the dream: unpleasant gossip of friends

rod 1
What does it mean: persecution of enemies

be flogged with a rod 24
Meaning of the dream: heavy responsibility

stalk a stranger 80
Description: unjustified resentment

shower head 19
Interpretation of the dream: You want to eliminate some things from the past that upset you

stalk for personal interest 37
Translation: business stagnant

shank dead 53
Dream description: diseases

piston rod 15
Meaning: waste of money

an amiable upper 70
Translation of the dream: disloyalty of friend

an iron pin 48
Interpretation: influential friends

barn together with other birds 28
Sense of the dream: loss of wealth

stalk on behalf of others 63
What does it mean: tightening in talks

soap with linen 30
Meaning of the dream: business solved well

bag with holes 57
Description: wealth

looked with contempt 39
Interpretation of the dream: false