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Arguing with the donkey. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream arguing with the donkey. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

ear donkey 6
Meaning of the dream: bad news

mane donkey 39
Description: trip inadvisable

shoeing donkey 29
Interpretation of the dream: bad reputation

dead donkey 9
Translation: small differences

cart with donkey 3
Dream description: attention to flatterers

donkey sleeping 32
Meaning: eventful period

donkey drinking 18
Translation of the dream: decisive events

donkey tail 31
Interpretation: discord with friends

donkey kicks 88
Sense of the dream: unexpected twist

donkey eating 64
What does it mean: days of depression

donkey suckling 22
Meaning of the dream: next advantages

donkey braying 9
Description: future plans

donkey ears 19
Interpretation of the dream: treachery

donkey 9
Translation: stubbornness and unwavering personality

bitten donkey 2
Dream description: desire for independence

donkey with children 29
Meaning: offense to forget

buckboard with donkey 36
Translation of the dream: deception, abuse of confidence at the expense of the dreamer

arguing with men 39
Interpretation: career hampered

arguing with home 29
Sense of the dream: impossible love


arguing with siblings 60
What does it mean: danger of some accident

arguing with his mother 23
Meaning of the dream: request for help

see a donkey 36
Description: unpleasant events

arguing with superiors 1
Interpretation of the dream: fickle mood

donkey grazing 49
Translation: lasting stability

beat a donkey 40
Dream description: mood-changing

groom a donkey 9
Meaning: inner security

donkey who leads donkeys 16
Translation of the dream: tiring journey

harnessing a donkey 35
Interpretation: activities lucky

arguing with his father 44
Sense of the dream: mistrust to be overcome

ride a donkey 26
What does it mean: hard work

arguing with friends 18
Meaning of the dream: sentimental annoyances

saddle a donkey 24
Description: overactive imagination

donkey in the stable 16
Interpretation of the dream: disturbing news

arguing with the mother-in-law 13
Translation: new knowledge

donkey tied 16
Dream description: emotion and passion

arguing with women 80
Meaning: provocations do not collect

arguing with enemies 37
Translation of the dream: missteps

arguing with your spouse 18
Interpretation: painful sense of discomfort

donkey back 52
Sense of the dream: new guidelines

arguing with a relative 40
What does it mean: confidentiality and diplomacy

jawbone of an ass 33
Meaning of the dream: good luck

woman arguing 28
Description: precipitous actions

whipping the ass 67
Interpretation of the dream: sorrows

to discuss 71
Translation: triumph over their enemies

discuss the game 61
Dream description: stubbornness and obstinacy

coachman arguing 69
Meaning: waivers to be addressed

girl arguing 53
Translation of the dream: decisive changes

donkey milk 81
Interpretation: intense activity

plenty of donkeys 42
Sense of the dream: you need security

quarrel with neighbors 19
What does it mean: new knowledge

discuss with a relative 70
Meaning of the dream: confusion of ideas and pessimism

watchmaker discussing 72
Description: next novelty

buy a butter 86
Interpretation of the dream: good health

sick ass 90
Translation: clarification as to give

discuss business 4
Dream description: news like arriving

watering donkeys 3
Meaning: discovery of a secret

milking donkeys 80
Translation of the dream: you have confidence in your abilities