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Arguing with dead. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream arguing with dead. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

arguing with siblings 60
Meaning of the dream: danger of some accident

arguing with nearby 59
Description: serious problems

arguing with his mother 23
Interpretation of the dream: request for help

arguing with home 29
Translation: impossible love

arguing with superiors 1
Dream description: fickle mood

theft with dead 61
Meaning: consistency

arguing with his father 44
Translation of the dream: mistrust to be overcome

clinic with dead 56
Interpretation: quarrels with relatives

arguing with men 39
Sense of the dream: career hampered

talking with the dead 50
What does it mean: luck and serenity

arguing with the mother-in-law 13
Meaning of the dream: new knowledge

arguing with enemies 37
Description: missteps

Abbot with dead 18
Interpretation of the dream: mild illness

wagon with dead 89
Translation: changes conducive

coffin with the dead 17
Dream description: dangerous changes

walk with dead 45
Meaning: good intentions

trench with dead 8
Translation of the dream: discontent and annoyance

arguing with friends 18
Interpretation: sentimental annoyances

Archpriest with dead 36
Sense of the dream: moodiness

arguing with women 80
What does it mean: provocations do not collect

arguing with a relative 40
Meaning of the dream: confidentiality and diplomacy

bless the dead 38
Description: bad omen for the sick

cot with dead 33
Interpretation of the dream: discontent passengers

do good to the dead 85
Translation: gain

fight with the dead 9
Dream description: disease

bury the dead 33
Meaning: important conclusions

ashes of dead 49
Translation of the dream: waste of energy

bones of dead 32
Interpretation: pains and hardships

desecration of dead 72
Sense of the dream: contrariness

cross on the dead 54
What does it mean: godsend

stench of dead 18
Meaning of the dream: malicious information

bed with dead 48
Description: fortune

Day of the Dead 45
Interpretation of the dream: activities discontinuous

arguing with your spouse 18
Translation: painful sense of discomfort

hand of the dead 17
Dream description: very endangered by powerful enemies

bell ringing for the dead 31
Meaning: protections influential

run into dead 59
Translation of the dream: psychological stress

commemoration of the dead 78
Interpretation: successful business

be watched over dead 10
Sense of the dream: bad news

dance with the dead 35
What does it mean: many business and little gain

blaspheme the dead 51
Meaning of the dream: donation from a relative

music for the dead 50
Description: real satisfaction

dead excavated 43
Interpretation of the dream: letter good

conversing with a dead 90
Translation: Fortunately coming

48 - Smorfia classic: The dead speak 48

see dead in the morgue 26
Meaning: your fate leaves you completely indifferent

altercation with the deceased 29
Translation of the dream: favors from a woman

dead feline 32
Interpretation: need to overcome a problem

meet dead 90
Sense of the dream: happy solutions

hole dead 45
What does it mean: trip likely

appearance of dead 46
Meaning of the dream: concentration and profits