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Approve engagement. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream approve engagement. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

disapprove an engagement 65
Meaning of the dream: skill practice

Anniversary Engagement 26
Description: acuity of judgment

approve work 87
Interpretation of the dream: happy encounters

approve a sale 44
Translation: endure the fate with resignation

toast for engagement 64
Dream description: ability to donate

engagement ring 54
Meaning: illusions ambitious

meet a commitment 37
Translation of the dream: confused

defer a commitment 15
Interpretation: report countered

contract a commitment 18
Sense of the dream: volubility and lightness

approving with nods 19
What does it mean: love affair

task 80
Meaning of the dream: you ll lose a lot of time unnecessarily

endorse a passport 48
Description: novelty coming

approving project 86
Interpretation of the dream: small loss of money

engaging actors 45
Translation: new ideas

committed political 65
Dream description: difficult situations

playing with a pledge 69
Meaning: fruitful relationships

dedication of a photograph 53
Translation of the dream: confidence in the future

endorse a card 63
Interpretation: next trip

consenting to hurt 17
Sense of the dream: inner tranquility

endorse 20
What does it mean: tormenting indecision

endorse a letter 84
Meaning of the dream: impromptu welcome

participate in a coffee 12
Description: before acting currency situation well

participate in a festival 28
Interpretation of the dream: exuberant vitality

disapprove a system 88
Translation: economic benefits

ratify agreement 5
Dream description: painful misunderstandings

ratify a judgment 61
Meaning: adverse criticism

endorse a certificate 34
Translation of the dream: pension and savings

consent to a change 57
Interpretation: victory over enemies

disapprove a promotion 81
Sense of the dream: discomforts passengers

ratify a marriage 36
What does it mean: sudden obstacle

disapprove a representation 18
Meaning of the dream: listlessness at work

consent to a project 17
Description: lack of energy

agree to a trip 81
Interpretation of the dream: financial settlement

ratify a treaty 14
Translation: difficulty materials

ratify a promise 59
Dream description: good earnings

consent to marriage 90
Meaning: Fortunately threatened

assert its authority 36
Translation of the dream: bitterness from relatives

succession or ance 55
Interpretation: death of a relative

approval 49
Sense of the dream: need for recognition

compromise 39
What does it mean: you ll lose a lot of time unnecessarily

maternal instinct 79
Meaning of the dream: excessive ambition

pass exams 55
Description: thoughts and concerns

pass a trouble 17
Interpretation of the dream: valuable advice

engaged to a man 74
Translation: important commitment

participation 22
Dream description: money returned

political compromise 79
Meaning: pitfalls

recognize their wrongs 57
Translation of the dream: patiently waiting

decide to get engaged 13
Interpretation: Good news

collect approval 62
Sense of the dream: thirst for power

ask for permission 11
What does it mean: loss of property

get engaged to a woman 65
Meaning of the dream: joy

compromise in love 33
Description: feeling of insecurity

take part 9
Interpretation of the dream: money returned

get someone on the porch 48
Translation: good decision

participate in a robbery 79
Dream description: difficult situations