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Ankle boots women. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream ankle boots women. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

women's boots 57
Meaning of the dream: new relationships

spraining an ankle 13
Description: successfully thwarted

boots 36
Interpretation of the dream: accepted the advice that will be given

wear boots 28
Translation: accepted the advice that will be given

buttoning his boots 63
Dream description: moral suffering

men's boots 37
Meaning: tips to follow

boots child 61
Translation of the dream: concerns for relatives

hunting boots 90
Interpretation: missteps

mountain boots 72
Sense of the dream: lucky fate

boots with nails 75
What does it mean: momentary uneasiness

buy boots 22
Meaning of the dream: good omens

sell boots 19
Description: mishaps travel

clean boots 6
Interpretation of the dream: choice to make

put boots 9
Translation: safety and precision

strap on your boots 90
Dream description: favored career

forms of boots 88
Meaning: precipitous actions

mutate boots 1
Translation of the dream: business to be clarified

women able 76
Interpretation: triumph over opposition

squabbling about women 74
Sense of the dream: good news

meeting of women 44
What does it mean: mischief discovery

crowding of women 13
Meaning of the dream: betrayal of friends

incite women 1
Description: insult received

harboring women 57
Interpretation of the dream: resistance to fatigue

Women stay 57
Translation: increased resistance to fatigue

wrangle with women 80
Dream description: consistency in the principles

appearance of women 16
Meaning: perseverance in love

bathroom with women 43
Translation of the dream: imminent danger

scuffle between women 36
Interpretation: excessive credulity

hang women 80
Sense of the dream: position compromised

brigade of women 49
What does it mean: excessive impressionability

trampling of women 18
Meaning of the dream: past pleasures

Shoemaker Women 29
Description: small contrasts

women's shirt 18
Interpretation of the dream: unstable situation

women's coat 44
Translation: work hard

women's hood 38
Dream description: insights incorrect

imprison women 21
Meaning: in labor disputes

Prison for Women 55
Translation of the dream: unjust accusations

noise of women 6
Interpretation: repetition of errors

women's hair 10
Sense of the dream: inconstancy in love

Belt Women 56
What does it mean: lack of reflection

communion of women 70
Meaning of the dream: unforeseen obstacles

contact with women 43
Description: dangerous head shots

contention among women 30
Interpretation of the dream: charges made bad

conversing with women 16
Translation: next displeasure

corsage Women 68
Dream description: separation from a friend

women's outfit 39
Meaning: good intentions

race women 26
Translation of the dream: confusion in family

courtyard with women 56
Interpretation: selfish concerns

treat women 31
Sense of the dream: complacency about themselves

dance with women 33
What does it mean: passing pleasures