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Broom for floors. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream broom for floors. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

tar floors 39
Meaning of the dream: situation oscillating

wash floors 4
Description: little annoyances

polish floors 85
Interpretation of the dream: projects

scrape floors 61
Translation: state of nervousness

scrubbing floors 70
Dream description: devotion to family

broom 3
Meaning: you re letting go of something

old broom 15
Translation of the dream: sentimental crisis

use the broom 85
Interpretation: concerns unfounded

little broom 49

Epiphany on broom 12
What does it mean: memories of the past

grenade or broom 13
Meaning of the dream: many good novelty in view

broom of sorghum 87
Description: memories of the past

broom string 75
Interpretation of the dream: new experiences

broom straw 49
Translation: gains that fade

broom ceiling 51
Dream description: Dangerous Liaisons

broom garden 67
Meaning: nervousness accentuated

broom with handle 7
Translation of the dream: sudden change

broom handles without 11
Interpretation: adaptability to circumstances

buy the broom 6
Sense of the dream: promises to keep

give the broom 86
What does it mean: unscrupulous attitudes

burn the broom 61
Meaning of the dream: desire to escape

flying on the broom 8
Description: dangerous hazards

hit with the broom 1
Interpretation of the dream: Councils concerned

play broom 18
Translation: fights to avoid

witch on broom 10
Dream description: dangerous quarrels with friends

broom for clothing 22

broom for shoes 7

adapt a floor 2
Interpretation: loss of security

apartment on the ground floor 3
Sense of the dream: business go wrong

floor wax 81
What does it mean: precipitate action

brooding hen 3
Meaning of the dream: Joy and business

damaging a floor 1
Description: small annoyances

brood 29
Interpretation of the dream: you ll create yourself only hassles

stain on the floor 28
Translation: envious chatter

floor 57
Dream description: poverty and sadness

wooden floor 77
Meaning: sympathy reciprocated

brick floor 66
Translation of the dream: character influenced

uneven floor 30
Interpretation: return of money

polished floor 9
Sense of the dream: Pending pleasant

dirty floor 73
What does it mean: recovery of a sum

clean the floor 15
Meaning of the dream: situation calm

brooding resentment 28
Description: conflicting ideas

curl up on the floor 75
Interpretation of the dream: nagging problems

brook 10
Translation: luck of long duration

brook with plants 36
Dream description: friendship interested

cockroaches on the floor 3
Meaning: affirmation slow

slip on the floor 85
Translation of the dream: nerve irritation