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Aged colleague. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream aged colleague. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

girl aged 53
Meaning of the dream: agitated thoughts

wary of a colleague 48
Description: inhibitions and complexes

discredit a colleague 85
Interpretation of the dream: economic concerns

humiliate a colleague 81
Translation: wounded pride

caged animal 69
Dream description: small gain

applaud a tragedy 81
Meaning: improvement in business

caged beast 69
Translation of the dream: windfall gains

beast caged 17
Interpretation: self-doubt

actor who is a tragedy 16
Sense of the dream: sadness

kangaroo caged 30
What does it mean: slander and quarrels

boat damaged 19
Meaning of the dream: dreams come true

head bandaged 21
Description: troublesome people coming

horse enraged 26
Interpretation of the dream: ambition and despotism

decide to get engaged 13
Translation: Good news

bandaged leg 37
Dream description: morbid jealousy

bandaged elbow 23
Meaning: suffering durable

packaged goods 34
Translation of the dream: consolidation professional

caged lion 36
Interpretation: breaking agreements

engaged for conjugates 30
Sense of the dream: possible death of spouse

get engaged to a woman 65
What does it mean: joy

engaged to a man 74
Meaning of the dream: important commitment

bandaged hands 26
Description: uncertainty and indecision

damaged goods 73
Interpretation of the dream: confidences to avoid

panther caged 61
Translation: victory over enemies

enraged ogre who chases 75
Dream description: do not worry about your enemies

have managed a privative 28
Meaning: everything will be fine

rivalry between colleagues 78
Translation of the dream: period of no confidence

outraged by a lack 67
Interpretation: solution of a problem

caged tiger 87
Sense of the dream: Danger averted

tragedy 16
What does it mean: improvement in business

write a tragedy 30
Meaning of the dream: impressionability

see a tragedy 4
Description: new relationships

tragedy applauded 60
Interpretation of the dream: serene waiting

tragedy booed 36
Translation: violent arguments

caged birds 7
Dream description: hidden enemies

to get engaged 79

engaged for love 10

engaged for interest 83

encouraged 8

envy among colleagues 17

mortgaged 54

working with colleagues 87

leopard enraged 77

fray colleagues 86

caged capon 39

damaged by an enemy 17

damaged by a relative 81

Damaged by an earthquake 62

damaged by a flood 90

damaged by an eruption 81

damaged by war 59

discord among colleagues 67

damaged clasp 6

bandaged forehead 77

knee bandaged 78

caged hyena 5

caged pigeons 44

caged rabbits 81

caged monkeys 89

plugmanaged 66

Skylark caged 35

Siskin caged 12