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Country girl. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream country girl. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

country girl 89
Meaning of the dream: health recovery

country 82
Description: return of a loved one

be in the country 1
Interpretation of the dream: considerable loss of money

across country 59

resident country 55
Dream description: hopes fulfilled

dwell in the country 71
Meaning: prosperity

camp in the country 23
Translation of the dream: donation from relatives

lambs in the country 1
Interpretation: tranquility, calm

flooding in the country 17
Sense of the dream: your achievements love vanish

live in the country 8
What does it mean: full success in work

country house 14
Meaning of the dream: realization of desires

dine in the country 15
Description: positive ideas

country church 7
Interpretation of the dream: happy Days

Cemetery country 19
Translation: sorrows short

party in the country 75
Dream description: spirit of adventure

detachment from the country 71
Meaning: many contrasts

country festival 72
Translation of the dream: thwarted love

country fair 9
Interpretation: high hopes

country guard 86
Sense of the dream: joy and serenity

change country 27
What does it mean: unpleasant news

country overseas 60
Meaning of the dream: broken promises

country of origin 10
Description: great satisfaction

unknown country 17
Interpretation of the dream: intelligence and satisfaction

Parish country 41
Translation: new horizons

country restaurant 23
Dream description: pitfalls

retire to the country 53
Meaning: disillusion

country feast 24
Translation of the dream: complicated ties

tailoring country 34
Interpretation: emotions of love

stay in the country 43
Sense of the dream: fantasies and ambitions

country road 24
What does it mean: initiatives sentimental

tavern of country 23
Meaning of the dream: pitfalls

leave the country 45

Family in the country 58

country air 43

country which cuts 82

country that lumbers 1

country dancing 71

fraction country 56

negotiate in country 22

country farm 78

give birth in the country 15

cross-country vehicle 15
Description: desires are different from reality

girl 1
Interpretation of the dream: Ideas, dreams and enthusiasm for life

plaything of girl 77
Translation: happy encounters

a blonde girl 43
Dream description: luck in the game

woo a girl 78
Meaning: projects to be postponed

Confirmation of a little girl 6
Translation of the dream: sense of responsibility

gift from a girl 6
Interpretation: contrariness

girl crying 3
Sense of the dream: serious difficulties

girl who laughs 11
What does it mean: unforeseen expenses

girl singing 18
Meaning of the dream: Good news

girl in bed 40
Description: family quarrels

dead girl 33
Interpretation of the dream: betrayal by employees

kissing girl 6
Translation: auspices happy

pregnant girl 44
Dream description: new ideas to be realized

pinup girl 11
Meaning: joy

palm if a girl 28
Translation of the dream: It will soon married

beautiful girl 29
Interpretation: joys sentimental

ugly girl 44
Sense of the dream: embarrassment of choice

girl aged 53
What does it mean: agitated thoughts

girl laughs 11
Meaning of the dream: unforeseen expenses

girl stitching 28
Description: important meeting

girl washes 7
Interpretation of the dream: happy solution

girl stretches 12
Translation: professional prestige

girl playing 15
Dream description: illusory achievements

girl sleeping 32
Meaning: unexpected obstacle

girl screaming 90
Translation of the dream: Legal difficulties

girl studying 23
Interpretation: beautiful prospects

sick girl 33
Sense of the dream: new achievements

poor girl 51
What does it mean: lure offers

girl street 48
Meaning of the dream: useful information

girl in church 50
Description: praiseworthy quality

girl at sea 30
Interpretation of the dream: physical endurance

naked girl 10
Translation: disturbing thoughts

kiss the girl 6
Dream description: happy auspices

save a girl 2
Meaning: issues to be clarified

virgin girl 84
Translation of the dream: luck and joy