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accused who defends himself

The meaning, interpretation and numbers of your dream: accused who defends himself

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26 accused who defends himself
superficiality of feelings

88 accused
your things will succeed

87 be accused
good reputation

72 accused acquitted
agreements that are successful

90 to accuse
restlessness and torment

90 accuse someone
sorrows secrets

34 accuse wife

24 accusing her husband

7 accuse a friend

15 accuse an authority

11 accuse wrongly
severe punishment

20 lawyer defending
lost confidence

48 lawyer accusing
favors from a woman

32 accusation
hopes dashed

14 public accuser
unexpected sorrow

3 defend the barricade
too many internal conflicts

90 defend the father
ties happy

5 defend mother
ability to concentrate

9 defend brothers

1 defend spouse
work safety

4 defend a friend
professional achievement

82 defend a woman
misadventure travel

11 defend people
activities discontinuous

41 defend animals
even temperament

24 defend himself in court
brilliant social success

21 defend against aggressors
dissatisfaction sentimental

16 interrogate defendants
surprises from a trip

20 defend themselves from the claws of cats
attacks by thieves

34 defend the honor
violent emotions

38 defend its reasons
You can dispute

31 reject accusation
economic improvement

30 refute an accusation
issues to be reviewed

30 direct accusations
temperament possessive

54 fortress defense
Love unstable

29 strangle for defense
Reports should not be overlooked

79 kill for defense
thwarted love