Dictionary of Dreams - Numbers, meaning and interpretation of dreams

accuse an authority

The meaning, interpretation and numbers of your dream: accuse an authority

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15 accuse an authority

90 to accuse
restlessness and torment

90 accuse someone
sorrows secrets

34 accuse wife

7 accuse a friend

11 accuse wrongly
severe punishment

76 Take the bait with authority
Fortunately incoming

36 assert its authority
bitterness from relatives

6 parental authority
need for adaptations

14 maternal authority

70 impose authority
constancy in work

37 outrage authority
changing behavior

66 homage authority
demonstration of loyalty

45 dupe the authorities

24 accusing her husband

88 accused
your things will succeed

26 accused who defends himself
superficiality of feelings

72 accused acquitted
agreements that are successful

87 be accused
good reputation

54 anonymous author
dangerous pitfalls

79 ecclesiastical authorities
permanent danger

20 civil authorities
distrust of false friends

27 military authorities
proposals inconsistent

19 Judicial authorities
conquest ephemeral

48 lawyer accusing
favors from a woman

32 accusation
hopes dashed

14 public accuser
unexpected sorrow

88 promoter author
you conduct most of your business

23 authorities
anger, expenses and debts

12 taxes paid to the authorities
serious troubles

63 stage to the authorities
interesting discoveries

31 reject accusation
economic improvement

30 refute an accusation
issues to be reviewed

30 direct accusations
temperament possessive

68 strike authorized
strange moods

4 matchmaker authorized
hard work

10 tribune of the authorities
pride and ambition