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A higher selfless. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream a higher selfless. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

a higher selfless 36
Meaning of the dream: speculation guess

selfless decision 78
Description: gain extra

higher order 28
Interpretation of the dream: imprudent words

detest a higher 84
Translation: collaboration difficult

selfless woman 4
Dream description: irritation harmful

beg a higher 68
Meaning: commitments to meet

selfless action 15
Translation of the dream: sacrifices for relatives

recourse to a superior 20
Interpretation: complex to be overcome

blackmail a superior 19
Sense of the dream: authorities countered

unselfish man 83
What does it mean: intrigues foiled

obey a superior 7
Meaning of the dream: slowdown in

report to a superior 58
Description: good cooperation

dissatisfy a superior 24
Interpretation of the dream: intrigue discovered

mock a superior 38
Translation: Late repentance

disobeying a superior 2
Dream description: gradual improvement

offer selfless help 36
Meaning: lack of understanding

rehabilitate at a higher 25
Translation of the dream: good job performance

advised at a higher 41
Interpretation: incoming letter

meet with a superior 19
Sense of the dream: aid from above

superior 72
What does it mean: disillusionment

upper monastery 3
Meaning of the dream: activities lucky

Superior severe 41
Description: support and encouragement

pray a higher 50
Interpretation of the dream: sick passenger

be a superior 10
Translation: hidden desires

Superior of a kindergarten 23
Dream description: interesting events

contact an upper 17
Meaning: excessive confidentiality

talk to Superior 80
Translation of the dream: issues to be determined

an amiable upper 70
Interpretation: disloyalty of friend

Superior of a college 24
Sense of the dream: apprehensions secret

high pylon 8
What does it mean: difficult task

lowering the upper 19
Meaning of the dream: impulsiveness and nervousness

justified by the higher 28
Description: risky business

high voltage 14
Interpretation of the dream: secret reports

top with animals 9
Translation: health recovery

high collar 27
Dream description: good performance at work

top haughty 87
Meaning: wishes that come true

top submissive 18
Translation of the dream: proof of confidence

high school 79
Interpretation: supports friendly

transcend with higher 1
Sense of the dream: moodiness

grumble with higher 3
What does it mean: change of ideas

bow to the top 32
Meaning of the dream: you re too obsequious

give to superior 90
Description: protection or elevated to a prominent place

high or low tide 11
Interpretation of the dream: fortune in businesses

high chair 43
Translation: momentary embarrassment

healthy higher 2
Dream description: interests to care

top 1
Meaning: embarrassment in the family

Upper Room 19
Translation of the dream: economic concerns

high forehead 59
Interpretation: faculty of judgment

hypertension 87
Sense of the dream: period of nervousness in the family

high ground 67
What does it mean: auspicious and optimism

mountain high 90
Meaning of the dream: happiness

plane high 70
Description: good friendships

high altar 78
Interpretation of the dream: difficulties to establish itself

barn high 16
Translation: new agreements favorable

High Mass 50
Dream description: gifts and entertainment

congratulate the top 2
Meaning: happiness next

High clouds 15
Translation of the dream: the difficulties are far

step high 11
Interpretation: physical fatigue

high window 77
Sense of the dream: proposals to sift