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A giant apple. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream a giant apple. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

ladybug giant 48
Meaning of the dream: the likely entry of money

giant 16
Description: auspicious, increase revenue cash

apple 21
Interpretation of the dream: disappointment in love

giant penguin 16
Translation: emotions like

rotten apple 6
Dream description: a welcome surprise

apple red 69
Meaning: interesting novelty

cut apple 49
Translation of the dream: you shall separate

eating apple 70
Interpretation: slim consolation

seize apple 7
Sense of the dream: opportunity to take flight

apple essence 90
What does it mean: changes in position

Winter apple 80
Meaning of the dream: good friendships

ripe apple 87
Description: tenacity in work

eating a green apple 20
Interpretation of the dream: sorrows, troubles

apple green 85
Translation: important trip

apple poorly cooked 60
Dream description: ill health

apple pancake 48
Meaning: you will be logged gentleman

cored apple 2
Translation of the dream: exciting adventure

apple lemongrass 45
Interpretation: trip to return

Apple Orange (tree) 15
Sense of the dream: innocence, famine

apple umbrella 51
What does it mean: missed opportunity

rose apple 70
Meaning of the dream: arguments for interest

apple peel 84
Description: You know a better person

eva with apple 69
Interpretation of the dream: righteousness and loyalty

apple branch 21
Translation: Danger averted

apple rose 70
Dream description: knowledge important

stick with golden apple 42
Meaning: ephemeral enthusiasm

apple blossom 75
Translation of the dream: superficiality of judgment

Apple pie 14
Interpretation: deserved recognition

millipedes 72
Sense of the dream: huge problem that you can not overcome

apples of gold 88
What does it mean: do not be dazzled by the splendor

apples 2
Meaning of the dream: hatred secret

Apple tree 20
Description: cheerfulness

red apples 69
Interpretation of the dream: interesting novelty

apples garnets 30
Translation: pains and restlessness

unripe apples 85
Dream description: important trip

rotten apples 42
Meaning: danger

baked apples 20
Translation of the dream: interview welcome

green apples 2
Interpretation: prosperity, happy omen

dried apples 14
Sense of the dream: poverty, death

pick apples 36
What does it mean: you will be disturbed by someone

tree apples 39
Meaning of the dream: good news, contentment

apple tree in bloom 26
Description: sincere love

apples and unripe green 80
Interpretation of the dream: dispute, seduction

Cut and peel apples 35
Translation: you will be haunted by a woman

huge hat 89
Dream description: restless spirit

giving apples to other 28
Meaning: great fortune

apple tree loaded with fruit 70
Translation of the dream: good business, prosperity

apples from the tree stand out 41
Interpretation: persecution

pippin 2
Sense of the dream: important trip

ripe apples 87
What does it mean: tenacity in work

eating apples 51
Meaning of the dream: need for a compromise

basket with apples 27
Description: a special message has been given to you from the spiritual realm

see a monster 46
Interpretation of the dream: contrasts of love