Dictionary of Dreams - Numbers, meaning and interpretation of dreams

apple peel

The meaning, interpretation and numbers of your dream: apple peel

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84 apple peel
You know a better person

21 apple
disappointment in love

20 Apple tree

85 apple green
important trip

87 ripe apple
tenacity in work

69 apple red
interesting novelty

51 eating an apple
necessary compromise

7 seize an apple
little practical sense

51 apple umbrella
missed opportunity

2 cored apple
exciting adventure

14 Apple pie
deserved recognition

7 seize apple
opportunity to take flight

70 eating apple
slim consolation

6 rotten apple
a welcome surprise

49 cut apple
you shall separate

37 peel
Moving home

42 stick with golden apple
ephemeral enthusiasm

15 Apple Orange (tree)
innocence, famine

20 eating a green apple
sorrows, troubles

60 apple poorly cooked
ill health

26 apple tree in bloom
sincere love

1 orange peel
susceptibility excessive

74 lemon peel
concerns passing

30 banana peel
rivalry in love

3 peel fig
quarrels at work

53 peel fruit

35 fall on the peel
events pleased

30 throw the peel

16 peel chestnuts
events pleased

19 peel onions
Negative thoughts

56 peel birds
fear of novelty

20 peel hens
difficulties of adaptation

48 peel geese
Luckily the game

11 peel the cob
uncover the truth about a person

6 peel potatoes
honesty and integrity

44 peel pears

22 peel bananas
minor setbacks

80 onion peel
affective manifestations

88 peel knee
excellent prospects for the job

24 peel one foot
unexpected complications

7 peel finger
investments guessed

70 apple tree loaded with fruit
good business, prosperity

35 Cut and peel apples
you will be haunted by a woman

44 appliance
extravagant attitudes

70 applaud
condescension harmful

19 applaud a comedy
friendships safe

81 applaud a tragedy
improvement in business

28 applaud a drama
respect and protection granted

63 applaud a song
justified expectations

9 applaud work
prosperous business

70 applaud a speech
flatterers dangerous

39 applaud a personality
sudden wealth

12 pineapple

18 eat pineapple
good news

32 pineapple dented by stick shots
close loss, home business close to entangle or at least embarrassment of family coming by the groom or the bride on account of sex

51 have wounds pineapple
the great disasters in the family

36 pineapple bigger than usual
joy and health, prosperity large

21 pineapple cut in half
vain confidence in the groom or the bride

54 applause
interesting journey

71 singer applauded
extravagant spending

25 apply for a loan
incoherence and lightness

2 apples
hatred secret

85 unripe apples
important trip

87 ripe apples
tenacity in work

69 red apples
interesting novelty

20 baked apples
interview welcome

51 eating apples
need for a compromise

61 apply for a passport
great fortune

2 submit an application
temporary postponement of projects

52 apply for an extension
emotionality from curb

6 see and eat sweet apples
joy, pleasure, revelations, especially for the married woman and the spinsters