Dictionary of Dreams - Numbers, meaning and interpretation of dreams

Wedding decoration

The meaning, interpretation and numbers of your dream: Wedding decoration

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77 Wedding decoration
venal love

5 decoration
heritage countered

82 furnishing see a rich decoration

3 carry or sell a decoration
you ll get a good job

28 go to the wedding
waste of money

33 accelerate the wedding
concerns ending

21 joy for a wedding
false mirages in business

70 wedding ring
hatred declared

86 wedding anniversary

59 cancel a wedding
intrigue friends

32 wedding announcement
greed for money

13 wedding feast
skirmishes of love

16 toast for a wedding
personality influenced

53 sit at wedding
heritage in view

3 plow next wedding
formal notice of this dream that always bearer of ailments

53 accompany a wedding
next inheritance

67 appears wedding
chat with neighbors

54 Wedding dragees
controlled pulses

77 congratulations for a wedding
desire for revenge

44 wedding procession
hard fight

63 wedding day
unexpected dangers

55 elegant wedding
irresolute character

27 wedding night
repressed desires

81 wedding ceremony
regret late

7 wedding veil
resourcefulness exaggerated

37 wedding lunch
emotional intensity

60 ornament wedding
Action countered

32 prepare for the wedding
difficulty of short duration

18 rejoice for a wedding
enmity to win

44 wedding present
pleasures and satisfactions

31 advise against a wedding
romantic love

14 witness at the wedding
difficult relationships

3 wedding cake
happy moments

2 eve of the wedding
gay life

5 rent a wedding dress
small losses

31 frank wedding invitations

32 bell ringing for a wedding
impediments in family

8 Mayor celebrating a wedding
sentimental serenity

55 tight (wedding ceremony)

63 63 - Smorfia classic: Wedding

80 wedding dress or bridal dress

11 apse decorated
ostentation Safety

66 funeral decorations

80 Festive decorations
ill health

36 decorate the house
unannounced visits

41 decorate your room

66 altar decorated
existence agitated

49 decorated column
agitated life

14 to decorate
agitated life

90 decorate a room
good intentions

82 decorate a theater
wishes that come true

44 decorate a road
good business

18 decorate a church
invitation to a trip

4 decorate an altar
small differences

56 decorate medals
lack of reflection

66 decorate a cross
Health Concerns

79 decorate with flowers
moral satisfaction

3 decorate with leaves
lasting success

34 decorate with tapestries

18 decorate with plants

20 decorative panel
quarrel with relatives

1 primroses decorate
weakness of character

75 decorate with embroidered
domestic happiness

38 matchmaker of weddings
Councils concerned

23 vestibule decorated
risk of confusion

68 decorate the shop window
that appearances are deceiving