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Wedding dragees. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream Wedding dragees. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

Wedding dragees 54
Meaning of the dream: controlled pulses

handful of dragees 14
Description: serenity disturbed

golden dragees 26
Interpretation of the dream: conciliatory nature

silver dragees 45
Translation: overconfidence in the other

chalk dragees 12
Dream description: limited interests

sucking dragees 14
Meaning: Rise countered

colored dragees 42
Translation of the dream: vitality and momentum

dragees with liquor 80
Interpretation: decisive action

tray with dragees 89
Sense of the dream: good romantic relationships

white dragees 9
What does it mean: lack of courage

offer dragees 39
Meaning of the dream: serene spirit

wedding candy 66
Description: shameful servitude

eat dragees 75
Interpretation of the dream: dissatisfaction and pain

appears wedding 67
Translation: chat with neighbors

dragees 71
Dream description: bad success of a major deal with loss of money

dragees with almond 64
Meaning: hostility and misunderstanding

elegant wedding 55
Translation of the dream: irresolute character

eve of the wedding 2
Interpretation: gay life

plow next wedding 3
Sense of the dream: formal notice of this dream that always bearer of ailments

wedding favors 80
What does it mean: major change

accelerate the wedding 33
Meaning of the dream: concerns ending

wedding day 63
Description: unexpected dangers

sit at wedding 53
Interpretation of the dream: heritage in view

wedding attire 80
Translation: You will incur bad actions

prepare for the wedding 32
Dream description: difficulty of short duration

Wedding invite 17
Meaning: to avoid rumors

buy dragees 7
Translation of the dream: gumption

throw confetti 43
Interpretation: fanaticism momentary

wrapping confetti 26
Sense of the dream: you do not feel independent

wedding dance 48
What does it mean: hopes dashed

ornament wedding 60
Meaning of the dream: Action countered

wedding dinner 32
Description: you will have nice surprises

go to the wedding 28
Interpretation of the dream: waste of money

accompany a wedding 53
Translation: next inheritance

spoiling a wedding 86
Dream description: uncertain business

Wedding decoration 77
Meaning: venal love

wedding lunch 37
Translation of the dream: emotional intensity

wedding announcement 32
Interpretation: greed for money

cancel a wedding 59
Sense of the dream: intrigue friends

wedding present 44
What does it mean: pleasures and satisfactions

advise against a wedding 31
Meaning of the dream: romantic love

congratulations for a wedding 77
Description: desire for revenge

shotgun wedding 80
Interpretation of the dream: something is wrong in the marriage relationship

joy for a wedding 21
Translation: false mirages in business

toast for a wedding 16
Dream description: personality influenced

see pull confetti 79
Meaning: Action unreasonable

frank wedding invitations 31
Translation of the dream: injustice

best wishes for the wedding 9
Interpretation: extraordinary expenses

rejoice for a wedding 18
Sense of the dream: enmity to win

Mayor celebrating a wedding 8
What does it mean: sentimental serenity

wedding cake 3
Meaning of the dream: happy moments

bell ringing for a wedding 32
Description: impediments in family