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Water on the couch. Meaning of dream and numbers.

The meaning of the dream Water on the couch. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

lie down on the couch 18
Meaning of the dream: business stagnation

sit on the couch 19
Description: proposals devious

recline on the couch 79
Interpretation of the dream: happiness in love

curl up on the couch 80
Translation: secret adventure

resting on a sofa 68
Dream description: inner security

comfortable couch 77
Meaning: love of money

new sofa 88
Translation of the dream: good health

poisonous water 60
Interpretation: mortification unjust

Dirty water 90
Sense of the dream: good news

dripping water 28
What does it mean: bright ideas

water in wine 44
Meaning of the dream: economies needed

smelly water 90
Description: loss of rich relatives

sterilized water 11
Interpretation of the dream: arrogance and conceit

running water 13
Translation: requited love

water from the ceiling 51
Dream description: bad situations that do not improve

stuffed sofa 33
Meaning: favors from woman

wooden sofa 16
Translation of the dream: pessimism and mistrust

ice water 44
Interpretation: discouragement

clear water 53
Sense of the dream: misunderstandings at work

brackish water 50
What does it mean: something is not right in the family

covered by sofa 57
Meaning of the dream: walk on the water with a friend

hot water 26
Description: unjust slander

healing water 34
Interpretation of the dream: opposition will walk

bright blue water 25
Translation: awaits an excellent future

sprinkle water 10
Dream description: high hopes

thermal water 35
Meaning: pleasant news

cloudy water 44
Translation of the dream: Good news

polluted water 72
Interpretation: serenity

antique sofa 86
Sense of the dream: ridicule and slander

sofa chair 21
What does it mean: to prevent honors

abhor the water 64
Meaning of the dream: passing suffering

rain water 4
Description: small gain

sulphurous water 45
Interpretation of the dream: exhausting tasks to be performed

water cave 14
Translation: inner insecurity

bitter water 81
Dream description: disturbing thoughts

water for flowers 47
Meaning: domestic happiness

fresh water 22
Translation of the dream: discomfort in intimate life

water well march 42
Interpretation: inner conflicts

water of the Madonna 22
Sense of the dream: need to find peace

water 1
What does it mean: desire to escape to discontent

still water move 74
Meaning of the dream: danger of accidents

sea water 29
Description: infirmity

river water 18
Interpretation of the dream: good omen

well water 6
Translation: quick decisions

well with water 35
Dream description: disappointments and reversals of situation

jar with water 39
Meaning: disloyalty of friends

tub with water 82
Translation of the dream: pride and ambition

roar of water 55
Interpretation: obstacles overcome

draw water 6
Sense of the dream: a nice novelty

vats of water 63
What does it mean: moderation

stream with clear water 2
Meaning of the dream: good health

pour water 51
Description: sorrows

bottle with water 21
Interpretation of the dream: inner satisfaction

jug with water 31
Translation: convincing words