Dictionary of Dreams - Numbers, meaning and interpretation of dreams

pour water

The meaning, interpretation and numbers of your dream: pour water

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51 pour water

16 pour holy water
vain aspirations

74 pour cold water
joyfulness family

10 pour hot water
health hazard

35 pour
throw away your energy

66 pour broth
poor health

68 pour coffee

28 pour oil
waste of money

23 pour a rhubarb
discouragement and punishment

68 pour the ladle
joyful expectation

20 pour a liqueur
economic loss

27 pour alcohol
unjust attitude

7 pour vinegar
need for caution

3 pour ink
physical fatigue

54 pour paint
slight accident

21 pour liquor
heated discussion

46 pour Petroleum
excessive claims

75 pour salt
family trouble

30 pour wine
sudden sorrow

76 pour rubbing alcohol
agreements fruitful

1 water
desire to escape to discontent

6 well water
quick decisions

22 still above water
certainty in action

67 water well
loneliness and abandonment by those you love

35 well with water
disappointments and reversals of situation

64 abhor the water
passing suffering

4 rain water
small gain

29 sea water

18 river water
good omen

85 mineral water
expenses risky

35 thermal water
pleasant news

44 ice water

13 running water
requited love

53 clear water
misunderstandings at work

44 cloudy water
Good news

72 polluted water

6 bathing water
possible loss

44 water in wine
economies needed

15 Holy water
material well-being

33 water plant
sensitive nature

2 water sport
patience in difficult relationships

70 ampoule with water
dangerous antics

66 still in the water stops
diseases avoided

74 still water move
danger of accidents

50 eel in water
enthusiasm for new ideas

41 basin with water
happiness conquered

39 barrel with water
disloyalty of friends

35 drinking water
little impressionability

1 water glass
repentance useless

60 mouth water
lack of sense of proportion

42 mouthful of water
fickleness of character

86 water bubble
inflexible character

7 boil water
harmony with the environment

21 bottle with water
inner satisfaction

31 jug with water
convincing words

42 ewer with water
match emotional

88 ark in water
luck and travel

6 draw water
a nice novelty

10 do not use a basin of water
joy in the family

26 hot water
unjust slander

13 walk on water
Do not arouse jealousy

39 carafe with water
quick fixes

64 lack of water
position compromised

81 Dump water
experience of suffering

66 bowl with water
unforeseen expenses

89 swan in the water
welfare and prosperity

28 water cistern
prosperous business

16 hourglass water
advice to give

11 crocodile in the water
dangerous proposals

83 pouring water
quarrels and discord

1 carboy water
New Adventures

6 distilled water
Critical to Avoid

39 bottle of water
good physical strength

67 filtered water
passing enthusiasm

9 seal in water
short trip

66 roar of the water
to overcome prejudices

14 water cave
inner insecurity

49 immerse yourself in the water
instincts to curb

86 water jet
unfounded fears

47 water for flowers
domestic happiness