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Wake wife husband. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream Wake wife husband. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

wake her husband 22
Meaning of the dream: new ideas

leave the wife or husband 41
Description: cheerfulness

wake his wife 6
Interpretation of the dream: melancholy and depression

stop husband 60
Translation: fussiness useless

trust husband 65
Dream description: Intent achieved

revile husband 40
Meaning: lucky events

console the husband 21
Translation of the dream: projects that fade

own wife 47
Interpretation: financial worries

embrace between husband and wife 9
Sense of the dream: exuberance and vitality

find a husband 32
What does it mean: future full of pleasant moments

impregnate wife 32
Meaning of the dream: victory over enemies

stroking wife 54
Description: difficulty

whipping wife 5
Interpretation of the dream: You are able to give some continuity to your business

jealous wife 70
Translation: success in love

complaining wife 30
Dream description: emotional bonds to strengthen

duped wife 86
Meaning: next pleasure

wife literate 50
Translation of the dream: challenging tasks

mad wife 17
Interpretation: limited benefits

poetess wife 77
Sense of the dream: moral resistance

have a wife 7
What does it mean: interests to care

supervising wife 56
Meaning of the dream: moments of despair

happy wife 45
Description: renewed determination and greater safety

wife vain 14
Interpretation of the dream: success in life

wife comedian 3
Translation: you will be robbed

sleepwalking wife 40
Dream description: fickleness of character

hurt husband 19
Meaning: unfounded fears

owning husband 2
Translation of the dream: unwelcome surprises

scramble wife 77
Interpretation: Misconceptions

happy husband 40
Sense of the dream: Fortunately variable

ballerina wife 27
What does it mean: extravagant spending

husband 27
Meaning of the dream: profit

encourage her husband 69
Description: unexpressed desires

scramble husband 62
Interpretation of the dream: awakening of energy

suspect's wife 6
Translation: excessive impulsiveness

enjoy husband 68
Dream description: proposals fallacious

leave her husband 24
Meaning: evil intentions of neighbors

husband for a woman 6
Translation of the dream: You wish to be guided

abandonment of husband 13
Interpretation: sadness and anxiety

neglecting her husband 23
Sense of the dream: capacity for endurance

humiliate her husband 65
What does it mean: unpleasant surprises

jealous for husband 56
Meaning of the dream: confidences to avoid

kill her husband 84
Description: impressionability

injuring wife 15
Interpretation of the dream: gratitude unjustified

banish wife 80
Translation: fantasies to be regulated

fondle her husband 33
Dream description: Safety in love

suppress her husband 7
Meaning: impressionability

attractive wife 72
Translation of the dream: joyfulness

defame her husband 18
Interpretation: knowledge ambiguous

injure wife 54
Sense of the dream: family quarrels

accusing her husband 24
What does it mean: haughtiness

avenge her husband 17
Meaning of the dream: mishaps of short duration

justify her husband 35
Description: fear and jealousy

husband of a woman unmarried 18
Interpretation of the dream: wish to marry you

pray wife 14
Translation: your business will go according to your wishes

abandoned by her husband 13
Dream description: susceptibility

husband of a woman a man 7
Meaning: you have an opponent in love

get away from her husband 78
Translation of the dream: happy event, perhaps even the birth of a baby in the family or a friend s house