Dictionary of Dreams - Numbers, meaning and interpretation of dreams

Villa dark

The meaning, interpretation and numbers of your dream: Villa dark

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63 dark villa
austere life

8 own a villa
suspicions unjust

8 see the villa
illusions of short duration

67 old villa
career advancement

19 villa
economic tranquility

40 build a villa

49 to live in a villa
delays and mishaps

33 buy villa
changes of opinion

27 furnish the villa
errors impatience

87 villa in ruins
businesses difficult

20 Royal Villa
good social relations

12 deserted villa
momentary sadness

80 villa with people
proposals to sift

44 illuminated villa
intellectual interests

74 sumptuous villa
exaggerated ambition

5 empty villa
aid to give

72 furnished villa
passing enthusiasm

40 Seaside villa
impressionability exaggerated

17 villa in the countryside
peace of mind

10 villa in the city
aid materials coming

7 be kept in the dark
shyness exaggerated

15 keep in the dark
difficult relationships

3 dark new
concerns and agitation

18 use the dark
position compromised

8 dark environment
laziness harmful

13 find themselves in the dark
perseverance in resolutions

28 be afraid of the dark
physical exuberance

45 getting lost in the dark
goodness of mind

7 remain in the dark
excessive ease

3 dark hair
differences in family

36 dark prison
high hopes

71 dark catacombs
prudence in writing

50 dark cell
separation for a chat

60 cinema dark
good intuition

1 dark chocolate
hasty judgments

69 dark corridor
concerns in view

44 chrysanthemums dark
conquest of goods

47 dark tunnel
Late remorse

90 dark firmament

27 dark coat

58 dark night
secret grudge

69 dark clouds
business to settle urgently

21 dark or gloomy
shed light on what's important

51 dark matter
lucky encounter

24 dark room
internal crisis

83 dark passage
fight with oneself

40 dark sky
unexpressed desires

3 Square dark
inner conflicts

69 dark cloud

33 dark parlor
report of short duration

38 dark staircase
initiatives hampered

10 dark route
old problems to be solved

29 bloody dark
danger of leakage

3 buy the dark
lack of reflection

14 evening dark
dangerous excesses

44 dark closet
health hazard

42 dark attic
imbalance nervous

29 dark eyebrows
excellent profits

60 dark underground
unconscious fear

19 dark road
opposition of relatives

60 dark theater
excellent insights

54 dark man
hopes achievable

24 dark vestibule
opportunity to be exploited

43 dark alley
economic problems

77 dark red geranium
attention to vehicles

11 pond of dark water
sorrows of love

1 grope in the darkness
you will be well judged

31 villain
do not let overwhelm, overcome

80 village stilts
to iron out misunderstandings

20 darken
you will be deceived

12 village
to iron out misunderstandings

9 see a village
commitments to avoid

61 living in a village
serenity and peace

23 through a village
important meeting

44 watch a village
high hopes for the future

45 darkness

53 walk in spite of the darkness
succeeded by dint of hard work