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Vampire makeup. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream Vampire makeup. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

see vampire 78
Meaning of the dream: fears and difficulties

being attacked by a vampire 54
Description: dangerous experiences

kill vampire 18
Interpretation of the dream: time lucky

vampire 86
Translation: It must not exceed the mistrust but knowing how to choose the right companies and alliances and honest

makeup (beauty) 56
Dream description: Invitations

Makeup remover 18
Meaning: the hide something will be discovered

in the company of a vamp (fatal woman) 81
Translation of the dream: attention to theft

eyelashes rigged 71
Interpretation: obstacles in the profession

rouge 39
Sense of the dream: in reality no cure your person

wear armor 90
What does it mean: self-confidence

wear boots 28
Meaning of the dream: accepted the advice that will be given

wear dresses 9
Description: melancholia

bring tiara on his head 40
Interpretation of the dream: romantic disappointment

put a turban on his head 18
Translation: novelty providential

rouge on the face 40
Dream description: wisdom actions

see bring a bolt 77
Meaning: melancholy

see carry the cross 31
Translation of the dream: nervousness to control

make peace 36
Interpretation: anger and quarrels

masquerade 77
Sense of the dream: crushes

head bloodied 60
What does it mean: discord with women

wear underwear 90
Meaning of the dream: your wealth will increase

bloodied handkerchief 89
Description: fulfillment in working life

shed blood 22
Interpretation of the dream: from health check

bloodied child 8
Translation: personal charm

bloodied cotton wool 9
Dream description: good business

to wear 59
Meaning: gain in home

to get dressed 40
Translation of the dream: you underestimate

carry furniture 83
Interpretation: problems to be solved

bring horns 78
Sense of the dream: strong will

bring dagger 6
What does it mean: honors

pay to wear 64
Meaning of the dream: loss rather serious

bring embassy 59
Description: change of situation

dress in black 15
Interpretation of the dream: difficulties and pessimism

wear shoes 5
Translation: security in the affections

board weapons 68
Dream description: good luck

bring halberd 18
Meaning: sorrows passengers

endure reproaches 14
Translation of the dream: excessive criticism

bring rosette 19
Interpretation: willpower

wear the cassock 45
Sense of the dream: hope and confidence

see bring a candle 14
What does it mean: bitter experience

see or bring skis, ski 83
Meaning of the dream: You know advantageously combine business with pleasure

offense for firearms 16
Description: loyalty and bravery

bring jade (hard stone) to the finger 58
Interpretation of the dream: luck in the game

make a contribution 18
Translation: decision without thinking

be a moneymaker 32
Dream description: lost objects

ensign palace 80
Meaning: dangerous changes

enrich for wear 17
Translation of the dream: foreboding

beak barn owl 84
Interpretation: Useful research

see a bandage stained with blood 13
Sense of the dream: payout within a short time

Shoemaker Men 43
What does it mean: income from a business

Shoemaker Women 29
Meaning of the dream: small contrasts