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Beauty case. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream beauty case. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

beauty case 51
Meaning of the dream: will that struggle to manifest itself in real life

beauty 66
Description: moods

ointment Beauty 40
Interpretation of the dream: indifferent attitudes

artificial Beauty 88
Translation: gain and profit

natural beauty 54
Dream description: good organization

flaunt beauty 67
Meaning: talk to women

miss Beauty 77
Translation of the dream: You should begin to exploit your talents in other ways

makeup (beauty) 56
Interpretation: Invitations

beautiful or beauty 6
Sense of the dream: all passengers, also the beauty

attracted by the beauty 89
What does it mean: you're looking at all the ways to achieve your goals

Closet Case 68
Meaning of the dream: Safety baseless

miss (winner of beauty contests) 77
Description: fortune

jewel case 20
Interpretation of the dream: mysteries that will be revealed soon

pencil case 60
Translation: It is revealed the secret of someone or something

case 24
Dream description: It is revealed the secret of someone or something

empty case 76
Meaning: false dreams

small case 37
Translation of the dream: malicious gossip

pending case 71
Interpretation: loss of protection

case won 25
Sense of the dream: family quarrels

houses 74
What does it mean: recognized merit

shore homes 78
Meaning of the dream: you have to get closer to faith

strange case 30
Description: developing patient

dangerous case 79
Interpretation of the dream: you have some economic difficulties

civil case 8
Translation: listlessness and mistrust

rent houses 76
Dream description: It is on the right path in life, in the right direction

case razor 69
Meaning: bright future

sell houses 59
Translation of the dream: solid gain

accidental case 86
Interpretation: uncertainty of tomorrow

criminal case 70
Sense of the dream: unchallenged authority

interesting case 8
What does it mean: passing pleasures

curb homes 26
Meaning of the dream: are you trying to be cold and clear avoiding the passions

case provided 90
Description: evidence of common sense

case ivory 86
Interpretation of the dream: misery

clock case 48
Translation: quick decision-making

eyewear case 58
Dream description: ingenuity exploited

cartridge case 28
Meaning: adversity with a relative

cassation case 38
Translation of the dream: a decision at work will disappoint you

blessing of homes 53
Interpretation: excessive attention to detail

undertaker with case 6
Sense of the dream: sudden rise

case with joys 5
What does it mean: you will be called to testify

case of a drum 65
Meaning of the dream: gossip does not collect

charity case 6
Description: judgments little benevolent

case with shoes 39
Interpretation of the dream: wishes fulfilled

demolition of homes 27
Translation: successful combination

burning of houses 59
Dream description: adverse fortune

row of houses 61
Meaning: loss and damage

case with goods 33
Translation of the dream: amorous desires

case with sugar 69
Interpretation: firm friendships

important case 88
Sense of the dream: increasing wealth