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Private exams. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream Private exams. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

candidate exams 24
Meaning of the dream: nervousness accentuated

Commissioner of exams 9
Description: disputes with superiors

defer exams 32
Interpretation of the dream: unjustified apprehensions

pass exams 55
Translation: thoughts and concerns

preside exams 34
Dream description: fascinating proposal

Programme exams 36
Meaning: new possibilities

postpone exams 32
Translation of the dream: unjustified apprehensions

private use 41
Interpretation: ticklish situation

private business 12
Sense of the dream: loss to the game

private library 62
What does it mean: sure way

private chapel 18
Meaning of the dream: difference of opinion

private park 13
Description: indissoluble bonds

private detective 78
Interpretation of the dream: emotional ties unstable

proclaim in private 76
Translation: laziness and discouragement

scandalize in private 13
Dream description: mood changes

private writing 44
Meaning: News coming soon

private school 24
Translation of the dream: gradual improvement

private road 3
Interpretation: days relaxing

private audience 16
Sense of the dream: meeting dates

private office 16
What does it mean: misjudgments

private dance 62

private toilet 18

private clinic 30

private porter 60

private newspaper 15

private health 26

insult in private 15

private lot 27

private oratory 50

private villa 75

private activities 65

private hunting 43

private party 77

waiter to private home 19
Translation: isolation from family

private boarding school 84
Dream description: disillusionment affective

Board Exam 59
Meaning: pride and pride

competition exam 90
Translation of the dream: lively insight

contagious example 67
Interpretation: aspirations unattainable

exam 8
Sense of the dream: social success

school exam 88
What does it mean: inner torments

written examination 45
Meaning of the dream: collaborations difficult

oral examination 54
Description: pride and ambition

medical examination 29
Interpretation of the dream: discomforts passengers

examination of conscience 63
Translation: thoughts and concerns

degree examination 21
Dream description: need for self-control

to examine 43
Meaning: change of environment

examine students 12
Translation of the dream: change of environment

examine witnesses 9
Interpretation: disinterested advice

exam test 54
Sense of the dream: social success

pirate or privateer 51
What does it mean: watched by friends

have managed a privative 28
Meaning of the dream: everything will be fine

maturity do the exam 47
Description: do not consider yourself to the occasion

examine radiography 39
Interpretation of the dream: trust and honesty

recent examination 4
Translation: confused

to take an exam 18
Dream description: situation by not dramatizing

pass an examination 71
Meaning: being at home