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All. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream all. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

all 40
Meaning of the dream: prosperity in family

see all red 26
Description: rebellious

all that old 77
Interpretation of the dream: vivacity of ideas and thoughts

assimilate all 72
Translation: Decision unthinking

agree to everything 90
Dream description: economic difficulties

behind everything 19
Meaning: You will advance grade

adapt to all 20
Translation of the dream: rebellion of the beloved

batten all the glasses 70
Interpretation: fears

estranged from all 18
Sense of the dream: loss of energy

full body 20
What does it mean: brilliant success

slandered by all 31
Meaning of the dream: precipitous actions

All Saints 60
Description: loss and damage

gunner to the maneuvers 53
Interpretation of the dream: new ideas to be realized

still 7
Translation: good resolutions

the whole world 47
Dream description: shall turn to better

cherries 79
Meaning: honesty and sincerity

quite right 11
Translation of the dream: quality artistic

creaking door 59
Interpretation: gossip and intrigue

straight ahead 18
Sense of the dream: you have luck in businesses

advantage of all 48
What does it mean: profitable activities

grab anything 9
Meaning of the dream: you bragged to your skills

roar with laughter 40
Description: repressed desires

approved by all 76
Interpretation of the dream: big surprise

straight Hospital 78
Translation: good health

abuse anything 77
Dream description: too much account of themselves

footprint suddenly 55
Meaning: sacrifices and privations

things of all kinds 48
Translation of the dream: you re too distracted

war (things military) 88
Interpretation: strength and decision in your projects

squeal with anyone 74
Sense of the dream: novelty good in view

abandoned by everyone 90
What does it mean: obstacles and hindrances

throw away any object 11
Meaning of the dream: You will escape from a difficult situation

to burn any metal 55
Description: heat in your conquests

comb with all teeth 30
Interpretation of the dream: business difficult to solve

a flower bud any 80
Translation: increasing family

apparatus of any gender 18
Dream description: adjusted and happy life

fascinate anyone 24
Meaning: project fails

pipeline of any gender 62
Translation of the dream: You have a secret grief

just back from a trip 4
Interpretation: joys sentimental

see things change into thorns 1
Sense of the dream: great torment

biweekly salary 37
What does it mean: excessive lavishness

decapitated and still be alive 59
Meaning of the dream: Complete success in business

trump playing cards 19
Description: friendly meetings

callus on his fingers 62
Interpretation of the dream: new phase of personal life

pays biweekly 37
Translation: excessive lavishness

Armenians or any other Asian people 35
Dream description: discovery of a secret

talk to any beast 4
Meaning: well very close

any pots and normal forms 44
Translation of the dream: receive visits Useful

breakage of wood or of any other object 17
Interpretation: funeral in sight