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Neapolitan singer. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream Neapolitan singer. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

Neapolitan dialect 10
Meaning of the dream: a relationship that seemed frivolous and passenger, will prove challenging and exciting

singer man 14
Description: insincere friendship

Neapolitan dancing 56
Interpretation of the dream: rough emotional situation

singer applauded 71
Translation: extravagant spending

modern singer 69
Dream description: important people to you mistreated

singer of the past 88
Meaning: momentary separation

Neapolitan 59
Translation of the dream: excellent physical condition

young singer 80
Interpretation: chimerical dreams

singer 32
Sense of the dream: harmony and some divine influence

singer in church 44
What does it mean: lightness and neglect

singer out of tune 37
Meaning of the dream: excessive worry

singer on stage 56
Description: you're trying to understand your ideas to someone

opera singer 8
Interpretation of the dream: disputes and struggles

Neapolitan coffee 88
Translation: malice and slander

bass singer 33
Dream description: quarrel

old singer 15
Meaning: delay of success

Macaroni Neapolitan 6
Translation of the dream: malice hidden

singer booed 74
Interpretation: delays and impediments

pop singer 31
Sense of the dream: risky business

typical Neapolitan dessert 1
What does it mean: great riches

award-winning singer 10
Meaning of the dream: new work program

singer voiceless 73
Description: impossible love

ballad singer 69
Interpretation of the dream: novelty good

female singer 88
Translation: indiscreet revelations

Neapolitan sounds 82
Dream description: consistency

Neapolitan song 52
Meaning: well-founded trust

bank Neapolitan 87
Translation of the dream: impossible desires

Neapolitan Pizza 63
Interpretation: lack of commitment

Neapolitan cards 18
Sense of the dream: malice and slander

whistling singers 26
What does it mean: you re ready for any novelty

engage singers 15
Meaning of the dream: visits to relatives

ghost monacello 37
Description: you fear someone

trio of singers 4
Interpretation of the dream: resourcefulness

finch 3
Translation: trust too much in your family

thrush 88
Dream description: meetings very helpful

turn to napoli 55
Meaning: you are supervised

see thrush 30
Translation of the dream: tenderness and passion

go to napoli 22
Interpretation: good relations

choir singers 83
Sense of the dream: in labor disputes

naples bench 76
What does it mean: lost confidence

napoli in festival 8
Meaning of the dream: easily surpass all the problems that will arise

hunt thrush 42
Description: great news

Rock Thrush 25
Interpretation of the dream: donation by a woman

court choirs public 77
Translation: unexpected proposals

Cathedral of Naples 29
Dream description: physical endurance

infomercials choirs posters 40
Meaning: likely change

extraction of naples 86
Translation of the dream: good wishes

eat a thrush 6
Interpretation: heightened tension

hear the song thrush 11
Sense of the dream: great joy and tranquility

living room sofas choirs 74
What does it mean: pleasant news

hear a blackbird singing 60
Meaning of the dream: good new

apse with singers 26
Description: dangerous temptations

Women in high places 16
Interpretation of the dream: rivalry in love

know someone in high places 8
Translation: changing character

corner 22
Dream description: honors

to stop at an angle 84
Meaning: little understanding in the family

sing an aria 11
Translation of the dream: need for charitable actions