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Pregnant woman singer. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream pregnant woman singer. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

pregnant woman 21
Meaning of the dream: great joy in the family

pregnant 65
Description: birth of a child, the next re-establishment of health

be pregnant 82
Interpretation of the dream: difficult projects

old pregnant 65
Translation: strained relations

pregnant daughter 60
Dream description: decisive help

pregnant girl 44
Meaning: new ideas to be realized

pregnant ridge 62
Translation of the dream: decider

mercy pregnant 84
Interpretation: imprudent steps

pregnant mare 49
Sense of the dream: conclusions of relief

pregnant cat 53
What does it mean: Adventure passing

Queen pregnant 60
Meaning of the dream: concerns passing

ass pregnant 65
Description: infirmity

pregnant bitch 32
Interpretation of the dream: journey to make

pregnant sow 12
Translation: great joy and jubilation

pregnant giraffe 72
Dream description: conflictual relationship with children

singer 32
Meaning: harmony and some divine influence

old singer 15
Translation of the dream: delay of success

bass singer 33
Interpretation: quarrel

opera singer 8
Sense of the dream: disputes and struggles

pop singer 31
What does it mean: risky business

young singer 80
Meaning of the dream: chimerical dreams

singer man 14
Description: insincere friendship

female singer 88
Interpretation of the dream: indiscreet revelations

singer voiceless 73
Translation: impossible love

singer out of tune 37
Dream description: excessive worry

singer applauded 71
Meaning: extravagant spending

singer booed 74
Translation of the dream: delays and impediments

ballad singer 69
Interpretation: novelty good

singer of the past 88
Sense of the dream: momentary separation

singer in church 44
What does it mean: lightness and neglect

singer on stage 56
Meaning of the dream: you're trying to understand your ideas to someone

modern singer 69
Description: important people to you mistreated

award-winning singer 10
Interpretation of the dream: new work program

help a woman 40
Translation: melancholy

go with a woman 75
Dream description: trouble to overcome

want a woman 4
Meaning: deceptive flattery

woman 21
Translation of the dream: nature and love

thank a woman 8
Interpretation: passion

old woman 26
Sense of the dream: happiness

woman looking out 19
What does it mean: change your mind otherwise there are dangers coming

woman's name 16
Meaning of the dream: sense of justice

embrace a woman 40
Description: injustice

abhor woman 46
Interpretation of the dream: mortification

caressing a woman 11
Translation: treachery

flatter a woman 2
Dream description: miscalculations

Adultery woman 75
Meaning: loss of possessions

fascinate a woman 43
Translation of the dream: malice in love

drowned woman 87
Interpretation: losses and pains

approach a woman 74
Sense of the dream: Profits in business

woman upset 60
What does it mean: speculation wrong