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Family bus flood. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream Family bus flood. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

flood 74
Meaning of the dream: novelties that are received by letter

see flood 18
Description: deceptions of love

Great Flood 19
Interpretation of the dream: an injury above you

Flood a field 32
Translation: economic hardship

flood or enlarge 57
Dream description: the danger of which you were afraid you will be turned away

flood overflowing 3

flood cities 58

damaged by a flood 90

ford a river in flood 27
Sense of the dream: your worries will be removed in this weekly period

bus 27
What does it mean: temporary setback in achieving your personal goals

get on the bus 51
Meaning of the dream: hopes for their children

down by a bus 84
Description: lies devious and harmful

subscribe to the bus 7
Interpretation of the dream: deal concluded

crowded bus 4
Translation: meetings annoying

empty bus 31
Dream description: Councils concerned

bus driver 31
Meaning: ailments momentary

bus stop 70
Translation of the dream: successfully delayed

trolley bus 58
Interpretation: little trip

bus (coach) 66
Sense of the dream: happy travels

Open bus 27
What does it mean: deep emotion

see a open bus 49
Meaning of the dream: new events

get off the open bus 65
Description: necessary compromise

bus that invests 26

bus crashes 48

bus delays 12

bus strike 52

bus travelers 69

bus full 85

rim bus 27

wait at a bus stop 24
What does it mean: inability to fight

drive a open bus 24
Meaning of the dream: inner security

bus driver on the tram 47
Description: solution of a deal

bus catches fire 45

family 15
Translation: personal success

his family 42
Dream description: new important facts

not to have a family 41
Meaning: loneliness

away from family 10

little family 90

abandoned by family 18
Sense of the dream: personal success

Take a bite with the family 15
What does it mean: economic benefits

fit in family 15
Meaning of the dream: healthy insights

banquet in family 34
Description: quarrels

head of family 3
Interpretation of the dream: depth of thought

family chapel 25
Translation: ties with foreigners

family home 42
Dream description: new knowledge

dine in family 80
Meaning: serenity and confidence

family council 63
Translation of the dream: momentary successes

ruling family 70
Interpretation: support for older people

dinner in family 28
Sense of the dream: new projects

discord in the family 70
What does it mean: reconciliation

dishonoring the family 80
Meaning of the dream: solitude and meditation

separation from family 54
Description: tendency to rebellion

duty to the family 50
Interpretation of the dream: new projects

the sacred family 1
Translation: Peace of mind

large family 75
Dream description: important protections

poor family 17
Meaning: new projects

wealthy family 4
Translation of the dream: sweeping changes

leave the family 58
Interpretation: economic difficulties

quarrel in the family 53
Sense of the dream: deceptions of women

family party 60
What does it mean: status uncertain

bereaved family 60
Meaning of the dream: talent and skills

see their happiness in family 54
Description: serenity

see their family leave 17
Interpretation of the dream: Discussions with serious consequences

see their family grow 6
Translation: good omen

see their family in white 86
Dream description: wealth

see their family in black 51
Meaning: misery

see their family speaks 35
Translation of the dream: listen to it

see their family calling you 61
Interpretation: you feel guilty

many people in their family 35
Sense of the dream: despair

honor the family 15
What does it mean: tests estimate