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Banquet in family. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream banquet in family. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

banquet in family 34
Meaning of the dream: quarrels

offer a banquet 30
Description: unjustified anxiety

royal banquet 80
Interpretation of the dream: surprises from relatives

attending a banquet 9
Translation: wellness and health

banquet in the house 8
Dream description: seductive promises

banquet modest 44
Meaning: Safety baseless

dine in family 80
Translation of the dream: serenity and confidence

quarrel in the family 53
Interpretation: deceptions of women

lunch in the family 28
Sense of the dream: happy solutions

disruption in the family 22
What does it mean: inner balance

fit in family 15
Meaning of the dream: healthy insights

dinner in family 28
Description: new projects

discord in the family 70
Interpretation of the dream: reconciliation

disunity in the family 54
Translation: recognition of a right

baby in the family 61
Dream description: beginning of a new period

feel a stranger in the family 59
Meaning: small misunderstandings

duty to the family 50
Translation of the dream: new projects

absent from the family 79
Interpretation: industrious awarded

family secret 37
Sense of the dream: serious responsibility

family council 63
What does it mean: momentary successes

leave the family 58
Meaning of the dream: economic difficulties

neglecting family 70
Description: presumption excessive

ancient family 62
Interpretation of the dream: feel the weight of responsibility

Family in the country 58
Translation: decrease of vitality

disown the family 13
Dream description: impulsiveness detrimental

head of family 3
Meaning: depth of thought

separation from family 54
Translation of the dream: tendency to rebellion

support the family 78
Interpretation: physical

escape to family 31
Sense of the dream: unnecessary quarrels

family 15
What does it mean: personal success

abandoned by family 18
Meaning of the dream: personal success

tombola family 60
Description: possibility of travel

exiled family 58
Interpretation of the dream: Good news

enjoy the family 54
Translation: brisk business

dishonoring the family 80
Dream description: solitude and meditation

suppress family 82
Meaning: quarrels dangerous

family housekeeper 4
Translation of the dream: unjust accusations

see their happiness in family 54
Interpretation: serenity

his family 42
Sense of the dream: new important facts

decent family 28
What does it mean: lack of organization

sacrifice for the family 59
Meaning of the dream: passing clouds

family peace 38
Description: great honor

good family 33
Interpretation of the dream: malignant insinuations

away from family 10
Translation: new love relationships

Family fee 38
Dream description: reconciliation with relatives

dedicate himself to the family 5
Meaning: plenty of money

lucky family 61
Translation of the dream: right insight

royal family 13
Interpretation: Success in business

many people in their family 35
Sense of the dream: despair

wealthy family 4
What does it mean: sweeping changes

honor the family 15
Meaning of the dream: tests estimate

large family 75
Description: important protections

poor family 17
Interpretation of the dream: new projects

ruined family 11
Translation: unexpected triumph

disorderly family 31
Dream description: mixed feelings

Noble family 68
Meaning: read opposition

the sacred family 1
Translation of the dream: Peace of mind