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Failure tragedy. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream Failure tragedy. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

tragedy 16
Meaning of the dream: improvement in business

see a tragedy 4
Description: new relationships

applaud a tragedy 81
Interpretation of the dream: improvement in business

actor who is a tragedy 16
Translation: sadness

write a tragedy 30
Dream description: impressionability

tragedy applauded 60
Meaning: serene waiting

tragedy booed 36
Translation of the dream: violent arguments

failure 80
Interpretation: fortune

Chocolate failure 13
Sense of the dream: goal reached

led failure 3
What does it mean: tendency to loneliness

make a failure 52
Meaning of the dream: earnings and payouts

cure a failure 62
Description: business cheated

payment failure 70
Interpretation of the dream: excessive voltage

tram failure 63
Translation: issues to be resolved

false failure 14
Dream description: dangerous friendships

failure fertilization 8
Meaning: happiness in family

clock failure 18
Translation of the dream: sudden discovery

lift failure 15
Interpretation: many hopes for projects

failure of a boat or hull 88
Sense of the dream: unexpected gains

explosion of outrage 3
What does it mean: general relaxation

outrage authority 37
Meaning of the dream: changing behavior

outrage to the memory 60
Description: imprudent initiatives

receive an outrage 73
Interpretation of the dream: next advantages

do an outrage 16
Translation: hatred dormant

avenge an outrage 1
Dream description: activity on the rise

cause outrage 30
Meaning: women gossip

outrageous act 16
Translation of the dream: conflicts and violence

show outrageous 22
Interpretation: loss in business

outraged by a lack 67
Sense of the dream: solution of a problem

outrageous abbot 80
What does it mean: falsehood

outrage done 89
Meaning of the dream: requirements of the heart

outrage received 70
Description: imprudent confidences

died outrageous 2
Interpretation of the dream: changes conducive