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Fault vinegar. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream fault vinegar. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

fault vinegar 9

vinegar adulterated 85
Description: ambition fulfilled

vinegar cloudy 25
Interpretation of the dream: wise warning

sprinkle vinegar 86

goodness vinegar 39
Dream description: cheerfulness

stem vinegar 77
Meaning: good intentions

vinegar 7
Translation of the dream: jealousy

strong vinegar 6

flavored vinegar 45

drinking vinegar 53
What does it mean: disappointments

buy vinegar 47
Meaning of the dream: travel

infuse vinegar 31
Description: bitter disappointment

filter vinegar 36
Interpretation of the dream: period tiring to deal

fungus vinegar 39

sour vinegar 1

aromatic vinegar 90

rosé vinegar 15

White vinegar 13
Interpretation: decay

pour vinegar 7
Sense of the dream: need for caution

carrot in vinegar 85

capers in vinegar 61

bottle of vinegar 7
Description: financial trouble

bottom of vinegar 57

basin with vinegar 45

salad with vinegar 34

drops of vinegar 58

barrel with vinegar 7
Translation of the dream: dereliction

jar with vinegar 7
Interpretation: dereliction

with vinegar cruet 62
Sense of the dream: useless remorse

red wine vinegar 17
What does it mean: insults

dregs of vinegar 32

bush fault 9

own fault 18

rehabilitate from a fault 11
Translation: complex to be overcome

charge a fault 23
Dream description: expenses advantageous

bear a fault 4
Meaning: pitfall exceeded

fault 37
Translation of the dream: fortune

ashamed of a fault 24
Interpretation: serious setbacks and difficulties

eating vinegary 29
Sense of the dream: poverty or disease

pickled cucumber 42

criticize 78
Meaning of the dream: needs to resize

clock failure 18

tram failure 63
Interpretation of the dream: issues to be resolved

Chocolate failure 13
Translation: goal reached

blame kinship 78
Dream description: disagree

convince a mistake 38
Meaning: desire to change

fatal error 11
Translation of the dream: misunderstandings and gossip

Pickled mushrooms 47
Interpretation: good deals

observe or criticize a budget 59
Sense of the dream: opposition brief

default 9
What does it mean: mortal anxieties

broken lift 33
Meaning of the dream: durable stability

to accuse 90
Description: restlessness and torment

led failure 3
Interpretation of the dream: tendency to loneliness

pitied a defect 19

blame themselves 19

lift failure 15

collect blame 81
Translation of the dream: small gain

deserve blame 69

failure fertilization 8

take an oversight 66
What does it mean: fear of forgetting something important

brittle dead or broken 52
Meaning of the dream: dissolution of companies

attributing blame 78

fall into error 65
Interpretation of the dream: business unwary

false failure 14

make a failure 52
Dream description: earnings and payouts

blame 90
Meaning: be humble to superiors

error 38
Translation of the dream: attention in their business

chin wrong 18

gaffe (accidentally) 57
Sense of the dream: violence

cure a failure 62
What does it mean: business cheated

payment failure 70
Meaning of the dream: excessive voltage

ear wrong 11

sour wine 83
Interpretation of the dream: excesses to be avoided