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Conference of bishops. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream Conference of Bishops. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

Conference of Bishops 18
Meaning of the dream: conquest of goods

political conference 90
Description: ties secrets

conference 17
Interpretation of the dream: achieve consensus in the work

attend a conference 51
Translation: envy masked

speak at a conference 58
Dream description: hopes dashed

conference of scientists 35
Meaning: violence dangerous

business conference 4
Translation of the dream: programs to be reviewed

held a conference 2
Interpretation: resentments dangerous

conference of doctors 30
Sense of the dream: passion

meet in conference 77
What does it mean: News coming soon

bored at a conference 39
Meaning of the dream: tolerance

Press conference 81
Description: innovative thoughts

attend a conference reading 87
Interpretation of the dream: vanity

listen to the conference 44
Translation: reckless conduct

Congress of Scientists 42
Dream description: businesses difficult

congress of lawyers 56
Meaning: balance and discipline

real Congress 47
Translation of the dream: mishaps at work

Congress of writers 6
Interpretation: financial problems to be solved

Congress Cardinals 6
Sense of the dream: gossip of friends

Congress of priests 15
What does it mean: cures and cares

give a lecture 48
Meaning of the dream: false

congress 49
Description: businesses difficult

hear a lecture 10
Interpretation of the dream: bad news

bored in a lecture 48
Translation: liberation from weights

lecture postponed 87
Dream description: tips confusing

Bishop preaches 63
Meaning: renewal energies

bishop 32
Translation of the dream: someone who respects and admires

convention 44
Interpretation: unexpected news

language convention 10
Sense of the dream: satisfaction and fulfillment

be a bishop 56
What does it mean: secret ambitions

attending a convention 90
Meaning of the dream: benevolence and protection

bishop's cap 13
Description: be less introverted

see a bishop 62
Interpretation of the dream: luck to a friend

bishop's cross 62
Translation: do not trust the people

bishop chess 7
Dream description: safety in the future

go with a bishop 20
Meaning: excitement exaggerated

blessing of the bishop 40
Translation of the dream: stubbornness

bishop's ring 86
Interpretation: evilintentioned employees

bishop in church 4
Sense of the dream: new events

bishop's carriage 48
What does it mean: proposals devious

Bishop blesses 68
Meaning of the dream: tips to follow

bishop confirmation 33
Description: valid and lasting relationships

Bishop died 87
Interpretation of the dream: violent emotions

bishop's residence 21
Translation: intolerance and nervousness

bishop pastor 8
Dream description: quarrels with family

bishop who confesses 78
Meaning: support flattering

memorial to Bishop 10
Translation of the dream: solitude

bishop at the altar 11
Interpretation: good omen

altar with a bishop 90
Sense of the dream: authorities conquered

bishop at a sick 57
What does it mean: damage and loss

sacristy with Bishop 18
Meaning of the dream: unexpected proposal

Bishop in procession 77
Description: calm and serenity

Bishop with pastoral 60
Interpretation of the dream: inner conquests

Bishop celebrates Mass 48
Translation: delighted family events

kissing the ring to the bishop 2
Dream description: excellent relations