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Coach faithful. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream Coach faithful. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

get on the coach 89
Meaning of the dream: sympathy and support

old coach 15
Description: false and envious friends

coach 61
Interpretation of the dream: need to react to obstacles

coach driver 58
Translation: conquest of goods

luxury coach 90
Dream description: ostentation and pride

bus (coach) 66
Meaning: happy travels

travel by coach 57
Translation of the dream: confidence and serenity

cardinal's coach 7
Interpretation: exchange of courtesies

Gala coach 90
Sense of the dream: mishaps in repetition

faithful 4
What does it mean: you re too jealous

faithful lover 39
Meaning of the dream: misgivings

faithful friend 79
Description: charm immediately

faithful companion 55
Interpretation of the dream: self confidence

be faithful to a delivery 24
Translation: instinctive nature

parish with the faithful 17
Dream description: happy intuition

faithful servant 5
Meaning: hopes of love

faithful boy 31
Translation of the dream: dangerous distraction

faithful housekeeper 84
Interpretation: good health

faithful wife 3
Sense of the dream: health hazard

unfaithful lover 87
What does it mean: events pleased

coachman 16
Meaning of the dream: prosperous and happy life

coachman with the empty carriage 89
Description: lightness dangerous

coachman in livery 29
Interpretation of the dream: new facts

coachman opening the carriage 48
Translation: Fortunately social

coachman arguing 69
Dream description: waivers to be addressed

coachman falling 86
Meaning: bitter experiences

coachbuilder 40
Translation of the dream: in your house will soon be a faithful person

unfaithful 16
Interpretation: Your confidence will come deceived

unfaithful servant 35
Sense of the dream: sentimental intrigue

coachman in uniform 29
What does it mean: new facts

coachman drunk 19
Meaning of the dream: rash decision

coachman sleeping 57
Description: cunning and mischief

coachman who curses 47
Interpretation of the dream: big win

coachman drinking 54
Translation: from health check

coachman with owners 46
Dream description: intransigence over

coachman in campaign 87
Meaning: a special message has been given to you from the spiritual realm

coachman in city 34
Translation of the dream: useful meetings

sick coachman 38
Interpretation: secret love

coachman masked 90
Sense of the dream: affair secret

coachman violent 57
What does it mean: decisions to return

unfaithful woman 81
Meaning of the dream: many enemies around you

unfaithful in love 2
Description: unfair competition

coachman fell 15
Interpretation of the dream: high aspirations

aground with coachwork 65
Translation: new aspirations

coachman who wanders 75
Dream description: search of truth