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Boat flowing river. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream Boat flowing river. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

boat on the river 46
Meaning of the dream: stubbornness dangerous

pass a river boat 49
Description: businesses safe

current river 82
Interpretation of the dream: modest gains

river dam 24
Translation: risky or challenging work

river with boats 74
Dream description: need for control action

boat 17
Meaning: ability to cope with and express their emotions

Vistula (river) 40
Translation of the dream: You get sick

deep river 1
Interpretation: quarrels with relatives

clean river 65
Sense of the dream: conclusion that delays

dirty river 8
What does it mean: cracks and separations

Abbess boat 23
Meaning of the dream: difficult situation

beautiful boat 6
Description: pride and arrogance

boat coming 7
Interpretation of the dream: loss to the game

boat towed 62
Translation: do a trip

fisherman boat 17
Dream description: original views

flooded river 25
Meaning: obstacles and difficulties

river branch 90
Translation of the dream: jealousy discovery

wide river 71
Interpretation: progress of a project staff

lazy river 69
Sense of the dream: being gradually

dry river 86
What does it mean: reckless conduct

big boat 47
Meaning of the dream: intransigence in love

painted boat 80
Description: misfortune

river 81
Interpretation of the dream: It will have little shrewdness in business

River waterfall 31
Translation: feelings durable

wetting boat 21
Dream description: end concerns

boat goiter 43
Meaning: fickle opinions

fathom a river 43
Translation of the dream: adaptability

sinking boat 9
Interpretation: sacrifices required

night boat 32
Sense of the dream: love of solitude

smuggling boat 62
What does it mean: coming to the faith

go up a river 18
Meaning of the dream: concerns unfounded

long boat sank 9
Description: hassle

empty boat 24
Interpretation of the dream: remorse justified

boat damaged 19
Translation: dreams come true

fall into a river 37
Dream description: threat of dangers

anchored boat 25
Meaning: gradual improvement

boat washing 25
Translation of the dream: arrogance of employees

Abbot boat 23
Interpretation: treason in love

capsized boat 80
Sense of the dream: new hope

boat on the sea 69
What does it mean: unjustified jealousy

boat with oars 56
Meaning of the dream: new projects

boat sinking 72
Description: melancholy and pessimism

boat sank 61
Interpretation of the dream: financial damage

small boat 17
Translation: Excessive pedantry

overflowing river 18
Dream description: economic disadvantage

swollen river 81
Meaning: feverish activity

cross a river swimming 84
Translation of the dream: hopes that come true

boat aground 77
Interpretation: lack of willingness

sail boat 17
Sense of the dream: important relationships

cross a river 18
What does it mean: intimate satisfactions

party boat 60
Meaning of the dream: negotiations and agreements

pass a river swimming 84
Description: hopes that come true

untie the boat 15
Interpretation of the dream: passing pleasures

Legionnaires river 69
Translation: new hope

boat battering 35
Dream description: money matters favorable