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Baptism flag. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream Baptism flag. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

Baptism flag 17

baptism 1
Description: renewal and a fresh start

Favor Baptism 22

baptism of a child 16
Translation: rise in labor

flag 20
Dream description: threat or danger

black flag 59

Red flag 84

Prussian flag 48

it appears baptism 16
Sense of the dream: balance and safety

flag flying 71
What does it mean: Danger averted

Dutch flag 16

tattered flag 5
Description: spirit of contradiction

baby baptism 5
Interpretation of the dream: donation from elderly person

baptism of a son 9
Translation: efforts to support

baptism of strangers 17
Dream description: prudence in judgments

Flag of Honor 88

baptism of an adult 7
Translation of the dream: respect for tradition

Chinese flag 80

old flag 81

Spanish flag 37

Swedish flag 81

flag of peace 76

hoist flag 70

American flag 1

French flag 58

auction flag 28

White flag 2
Translation of the dream: painful surprise

flag lost 81
Interpretation: reduced activity

Italian flag 61

Turkish flag 23

admiral flag 5

wave the flag 20
Description: fortitude

papal flag 30
Interpretation of the dream: greater autonomy

flag conquered 20
Translation: short-lived victory

lower the flag 61
Dream description: sick passenger

bring the flag 18
Meaning: kindness towards others

announcement of baptism 4
Translation of the dream: discouragement exaggerated

baptism of blood 15
Interpretation: indecision harmful

baptism of a convert 5
Sense of the dream: desire for perversion

tear down a flag 45

Portuguese flag 8

godfather of baptism 41
Description: happiness and awards

English flag 33

Persian flag 39

foreign flag 39
Dream description: consistency in the actions

Swiss flag 35

Russian flag 11

flag burning 54

Austrian flag 5

salute the flag 54
What does it mean: decisions well directed

regimental flag 90
Meaning of the dream: great novelty

ships' flag 20

save the flag 14
Interpretation of the dream: arrival of a decisive help

godmother at the baptism 34

veil for baptism 84
Dream description: brilliant initiatives

joy for a baptism 35
Meaning: presumption punished

toast for a baptism 45
Translation of the dream: pleasant novelty

green flag 17

imperial flag 50

National flag 71
What does it mean: advantageous changes

school flag 35
Meaning of the dream: solicitude of relatives

raise the flag 83
Description: amiability family

blessing of a flag 20
Interpretation of the dream: irresistible attraction

wear a flag 11
Translation: high esteem

Tower with flag 55
Dream description: high hopes

brigantine with flag 8

christening of a ship 52
Translation of the dream: Hard times

flagraising 44
Interpretation: new events in the family

freeing equity christening 30
Sense of the dream: money returned

Royal Standard 30

religious baptizing 16
Meaning of the dream: new perspectives

flagpole 79

Republican banner 5
Interpretation of the dream: need protection belonging and security

first flight 32
Translation: assiduity in work

baptismal procession 40
Dream description: satisfaction and profits