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Baptism of a convert. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream baptism of a convert. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

baptism of a convert 5
Meaning of the dream: desire for perversion

baptism 1
Description: renewal and a fresh start

baptism of a son 9
Interpretation of the dream: efforts to support

baptism of strangers 17
Translation: prudence in judgments

baptism of an adult 7
Dream description: respect for tradition

Baptism flag 17

Favor Baptism 22

baptism of a child 16
Interpretation: rise in labor

it appears baptism 16
Sense of the dream: balance and safety

godfather of baptism 41
What does it mean: happiness and awards

baby baptism 5
Meaning of the dream: donation from elderly person

announcement of baptism 4
Description: discouragement exaggerated

baptism of blood 15
Interpretation of the dream: indecision harmful

veil for baptism 84
Translation: brilliant initiatives

godmother at the baptism 34

joy for a baptism 35
Meaning: presumption punished

toast for a baptism 45
Translation of the dream: pleasant novelty

christening of a ship 52
Interpretation: Hard times

religious baptizing 16
Sense of the dream: new perspectives

freeing equity christening 30
What does it mean: money returned

convert 36
Meaning of the dream: desire for perversion

convert to the good 15
Description: wise prudence

convert to God 90
Interpretation of the dream: surprise

convert titles 16
Translation: business to be concluded

convert a sinner 38
Dream description: discipline in work

convert to Christianity 45
Meaning: good balance

chameleon transformation 25
Translation of the dream: feelings not established

first flight 32
Interpretation: assiduity in work

convert to another faith 29
Sense of the dream: painful decisions

baptismal procession 40
What does it mean: satisfaction and profits

baptize jew 25

transformation into a rage 17
Description: quackery

baptize a turkish 35

change was 18

Conversely friar 32
Dream description: narrowly

change of character 50

baptismal font 69
Translation of the dream: new events

change of train 7

become contemptible 80

alteration of jealousy 45

baptizer 34

become master 35
Description: surprise and unexpected

become lame 56

plump become 56

snot turned 76

become red 19
Meaning: introversion

become small 24
Translation of the dream: rise

become indispensable 52
Interpretation: economic improvement

become a martyr for the faith 33
Sense of the dream: honor and veneration public

become a hermit 83
What does it mean: infirmity

Change 5
Meaning of the dream: Good business opportunities

become a paladin 10
Description: adaptation needs

church baptized 51
Interpretation of the dream: news from afar

become a giraffe 16
Translation: You are taking advantage of bad opportunities and occasions

lining used 90
Dream description: emotional instability

taxes paid to the authorities 12
Meaning: serious troubles

silverware worked 39
Translation of the dream: you are a reliable person

nibs used 85
Interpretation: love letter

to be overloaded 22
Sense of the dream: unwelcome visit

change staff 53
What does it mean: Good news from far away

baptismal faith 88

change coins 81
Description: mental reservations

alteration head 29

change course 37

change master 49

applied to the study 82