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Written words. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream written words. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

words 2
Meaning of the dream: bad news

nursery rhyme words 55
Description: lively temperament

Letters written in purple 48
Interpretation of the dream: bad news will arrive within a week

crossed words 20
Translation: new ideas and projects

trivial words 18
Dream description: rash judgments

entice with convincing words 11
Meaning: desire for wealth

offending words 68
Translation of the dream: secrets, to keep

letters written in red ink 66
Interpretation: damage

contention in words 18
Sense of the dream: complex problems

restrain the words 44
What does it mean: surprises with money

arrogant words 10
Meaning of the dream: small obstacle

letters written in green ink 27
Description: you ll get a very worthwhile visit or business

confirm the words 9
Interpretation of the dream: considered judgments

offend with words 76
Translation: Eventful days

threatening words 33
Dream description: small loss

deny words 11
Meaning: excessive sentimentality

affront to words 37
Translation of the dream: bad news

written child 34
Interpretation: lack of reflection

written business 74
Sense of the dream: intimate joy

written music 9
What does it mean: new projects

written page 59
Meaning of the dream: ties earnest

punching (pun intended) 66
Description: cheerfulness

written invoice 85
Interpretation of the dream: generosity and courage

written leaflet 64
Translation: extra earnings

written test 6
Dream description: test of loyalty

crossword (game) 88
Meaning: doubts

drawl 37
Translation of the dream: misunderstanding with your loved one

written 88
Interpretation: failed project

written examination 45
Sense of the dream: collaborations difficult

written on parchment 12
What does it mean: pride and courage

written work 19
Meaning of the dream: negotiations uncertain

written legibly 75
Description: personal achievements

wording 2
Interpretation of the dream: travel

connoted 5
Translation: sacrifices for relatives

anagram 39
Dream description: you are in crisis

receive congratulations 7
Meaning: insincerity

retouch writings 9
Translation of the dream: lack of sympathy

exhibit writings 81
Interpretation: general renovation

read the writings 60
Sense of the dream: good luck

correcting the writings 31
What does it mean: good wishes

forger of writings 3
Meaning of the dream: watch out for enemies colleagues

a writing fool 7
Description: Pulse unreasonable

handwritten sheet 89
Interpretation of the dream: small gain

compromise with writings 32
Translation: calumny envious

claim in writing 51
Dream description: testimonies of affection

attack verbally 65
Meaning: uncertain business

send condolences in writing 85
Translation of the dream: loss to the game

word of honor 21
Interpretation: particular success

observe his word 13
Sense of the dream: Secret Passion

bring a word of advice 90
What does it mean: high hopes

abbot who blesses 34
Meaning of the dream: successful initiatives

access to an office 19
Description: wrongs to be repaired

bear a responsibility 15
Interpretation of the dream: presumption

thorough a script 65
Translation: failed project

be blessed with holy water 81
Dream description: desire for improvement

falling asleep in the office 50
Meaning: temerity

convention 44
Translation of the dream: unexpected news

rent an office 50
Interpretation: reconciliation with relatives

frank manuscripts 65
Sense of the dream: changes of opinion

ease of responsibility 72
What does it mean: sorrows passengers