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Wrench heart. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream wrench heart. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

wrench 49
Meaning of the dream: coldness in love

heart 45
Description: Protection valid and safe

learn by heart 21
Interpretation of the dream: anger and pain

Goodness of heart 24
Translation: wealth

cramp in the heart 56
Dream description: anger and resentment

human heart 71
Meaning: monotonous work

heart animal 28
Translation of the dream: to curb impulsiveness


heart of gold 64
Interpretation: objective judgment

silver heart 11
Sense of the dream: dangerous risks

heart labored 61
What does it mean: reasonableness and consistency

heart operation 34
Meaning of the dream: success of intent

palpitation of the heart 75
Description: death next

affair of the heart 10

sincere heart 32

good heart 35

stab in the heart 65

faint of heart 73

Heart arid 74

loving heart 55

learn any poetry by heart 6
What does it mean: vain illusions

die of a heart attack 50

acute hearing 56
Description: inventiveness

hear alarm 14
Interpretation of the dream: protection from family

hear Mass 30
Translation: unjustified humiliation

heartbeat 55
Dream description: hidden love

irregular heartbeat 41
Meaning: exhibitionism exaggerated


baritone (hear that artist singing) 63
Translation of the dream: joy in family

hear animals talk 6
Interpretation: sadness

hear a song 36
Sense of the dream: opposition in the emotional life

hearse 90
What does it mean: sequence of events

hearty dinner 84
Meaning of the dream: joy in family

gossip you hear 30
Description: Good news

hear him play guitar 38
Interpretation of the dream: deceit uncovered

hear playing contrabass 28
Translation: steadfastness of purpose

hear play the bagpipes 3
Dream description: change in your environment

having heartache 16
Meaning: heartbreak

queen of hearts 18
Translation of the dream: conflicts sentimental

heartbreak 33
Interpretation: desires achievable

heard before the court 31
Sense of the dream: speeches malignant

hear bells 84
What does it mean: alarms, complaints, seductions, defamation

hear the thunder of cannons 70
Meaning of the dream: loss of rich relatives

heard chanting 87
Description: useful meetings

sing or hear a song 1
Interpretation of the dream: happy omen

hear harpsichord playing 34
Translation: trip worthwhile

hear a ragman 42
Dream description: you will have to do with people in high places

hear the groans and see hell 46
Meaning: a heavenly view in order to prepare for death

hear an echo 18
Translation of the dream: visits

hear whistling 9
Interpretation: you will be warned

hear shouting crane to the sick 37
Sense of the dream: good wishes

hear owls scream 8
What does it mean: funeral

hear praises 18
Meaning of the dream: good friends

hear a cricket 18
Description: the sick: a sign of worsening

hear a beat clock 19
Interpretation of the dream: domain of feelings

hear talking 11
Translation: impulsive decision

hearty meal 7
Dream description: compromises dangerous

shear sheep 18
Meaning: gain extra

see sheep shearing 68
Translation of the dream: personal affirmation

hear a piano playing 51
Interpretation: New business

hear a flute playing 84
Sense of the dream: optimism and serenity

hear a blackbird singing 60
What does it mean: good new

heard his wife complain 36
Meaning of the dream: great torment

hear singing nuns 3
Description: wisdom

hear beat the hours 16
Interpretation of the dream: fortune

body organs, smell or hearing 6
Translation: relatives of prosperity, wealth and personal power, honor all growing

hear declaim madrigal (poetry) 17
Dream description: You do good impression with your superiors

hear a plan 26
Meaning: Happy Marriage

hear a robin sing 61
Translation of the dream: tittle-tattle