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Worm thousand. Meaning of dream and numbers

The meaning of the dream worm thousand. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

solitary worm 8
Meaning of the dream: physical weakness

have worm 74
Description: errors to be repaired

earth worm 17
Interpretation of the dream: business negotiations

excrete worm 9
Translation: solution of problems

worm 16
Dream description: secret enemies can harm you

one thousand number 44
Meaning: wealth

see worm in food 6
Translation of the dream: danger of hostilities

worm screw 42
Interpretation: polemic

kill worm 10
Sense of the dream: overcoming of obstacles

a thousand leaves 3
What does it mean: plot foiled

semolina pudding 32
Meaning of the dream: your efforts will be rewarded

little worm 37
Description: discomfort in intimate life

intestinal worm 52
Interpretation of the dream: disorder in private life

silkworm 37
Translation: friends will be very useful

by earthworm gut 16
Dream description: discomforts passengers

silkworm cocoon 9
Meaning: tenderness and gratitude

woodworm 38
Translation of the dream: your business is bad

tapeworm 59
Interpretation: false and envious friends

earthworm ground 56
Sense of the dream: small movements

wormeaten lining 51
What does it mean: contentments joys family

cocoon shell of silkworms 35
Meaning of the dream: victory over enemies

abandoned by family 18
Description: personal success

put your hands down 5
Interpretation of the dream: fatality

to break down 37
Translation: your wealth will decrease

Take a bite with the family 15
Dream description: economic benefits

red dress 48
Meaning: security

Military dress 72
Translation of the dream: talk in the family

wash a dress 42
Interpretation: success

military Academy 60
Sense of the dream: discouragement

pour water 51
What does it mean: sorrows

clogged sink 88
Meaning of the dream: swings of fortune

pour holy water 16
Description: vain aspirations

acrobat 17
Interpretation of the dream: danger

be acrobat 30
Translation: danger

acrobat working 40
Dream description: devotion exaggerated

acrobat falling 29
Meaning: rivalry

a pair of acrobats 71
Translation of the dream: risk exceeded

fit in family 15
Interpretation: healthy insights

red teenager 66
Sense of the dream: hatred declared

adultery discovered 81
What does it mean: misery

military airplane 17
Meaning of the dream: dangerous situation

airplane doing stunts 25
Description: passing pleasures

Military drowned 20
Interpretation of the dream: help Wanted

attack verbally 65
Translation: uncertain business

Man upset 19
Dream description: successful deal

finding a needle 56
Meaning: adversity with a relative

agony of relatives 14
Translation of the dream: danger

see the sunrise 77
Interpretation: improvement of situation

sunrise with the moon 23
Sense of the dream: fortune

sunrise with rain 45
What does it mean: bad close

sunrise with the stars 64
Meaning of the dream: need for greater reflection

find a hotel 76
Description: torments

green tree 49
Interpretation of the dream: enthusiasms durable

dream alarming 67
Translation: honest earnings

give warning 33
Dream description: amiability in contacts with others

air raid 17
Meaning: coherence in

raising children 3
Translation of the dream: Confident business